Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Amaranthe Reveal New Video for ‘Digital World’‏

Amaranthe Reveal New Video for ‘Digital World’

Amaranthe’s ‘Digital World’ follows ‘Drop Dead Cynical’, the supremely catchy first single from current album, ‘Massive Addictive’; ‘Drop Dead Cynical’ has broken the doors open for the band on a worldwide scale, gaining the best international radio airplay of their career.

Amaranthe vocalist, Jake E, says: "‘Digital World' follows the overwhelmingly successful 'Drop Dead Cynical,’ which charted high on radio and single charts all over the world, to our massive excitement! It has even been a staple song for the Detroit Red Wings NHL games! Now we're back with what is probably our best and most well-produced video to date, and most importantly, a song that is already a fan (and band) favourite.”

Check out the brand new video for ‘Digital World’ here:

Amaranthe are now back in the US for a tour with label-mates Santa Cruz.

The album can be purchased at the band's UK merch store HERE.

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