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EPICA Unveil Music Video For 'Immortal Melancholy'

EPICA Release Music Video For 'Immortal Melancholy'

This Friday September 1st, EPICA will release their long-awaited EP, The Solace System, which includes six brand-new songs, written and recorded during the process of their latest album The Holographic Principle. The band is honoured to premiere their new music video for 'Immortal Melancholy' exclusively on Billboard – watch the music video here:

Keyboarder Coen Janssen comments:
"Enjoy the second part of our animated video-series! In' Immortal Melancholy' the story continues where we left off with 'The Solace System'. We hope you like it as much as we do! Let's find out if the Universal Death Squad takes over our universe....!!"
In case you've missed the latest trailers, make sure to watch them here:
behind the music pt. 1:
behind the music pt. 2:

Track list of The Solace System:
01. The Solace System
02. Fight Your Demons
03. Architect Of Light
04. Wheel Of Destiny
05. Immortal Melancholy
06. Decoded Poetry

Watch the music video of the title track 'The Solace System', here:

The Solace System was recorded, mixed & mastered by team Joost van den Broek and Jacob Hansen. It was produced by anime-master Davide Cilloni. The stunning artwork is once again by the hand of Stefan Heilemann.

Simone Simons (vocalist) comments on the EP:
"During the early writing process of 'The Holographic Principle' we found out that we were blessed with a huge amount of songs. The songs that didn't fit on our album are now available for you on this special EP! I hope you guys will enjoy these songs as much as we do!"

Pre-order now:

The United Principle Tour - UK & Ireland 2018
06.04. UK Nottingham - Rock City
07.04. UK Glasgow - ABC1
08.04. UK Bristol - o2 Academy
10.04. IRL Dublin - Tivoli
12.04. UK Manchester - o2 Ritz
13.04. UK London - o2 Forum

Tickets and VIP upgrades are available through:

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INTERVIEW: Mutation (with Ginger Wildheart & Scott Lee Andrews)

Photo credit - Will Hutchinson

Interview with Ginger Wildheart & Scott Lee Andrews of Mutation 

Mutation are an extreme metal act from the UK formed in 2013 by well-known vocalist/guitarist Ginger Wildheart, the man behind the rock group The Wildhearts and the frontman of Exit International, Scott Lee Andrews. The trio is completed by drummer known as Denzel (Dean Pearson) who has been involved in many projects with Ginger and plays in Young Legionnaire. I caught up with Ginger and Scott to discuss the beginnings of Mutation, the new album '‘Mutation III: Dark Black’, touring, the future, mental health and much more in this interesting and honest interview.

As a musician who has played in many bands, most notably The Wildhearts and formed many projects, how did you come to form Mutation and why when you did?

Ginger: I did it mainly because I wanted to make the music that was in my head, and it didn’t look like anyone else wanted to do it.

At the time I was playing and writing with Michael Monroe, and while I loved working with him and his awesome band, they weren’t going to enter into grindcore anytime soon. Michael even thought my punk influences were ‘metal’, so Napalm Death probably wouldn’t have registered as music with him. It was safe to say that if I wanted to play blast beats I’d have to do it on my own.

How did you decide on the name Mutation and what were your expectations of this new band?

Ginger: Mutation was literally the only name I had in my head. I searched on Google expecting it to have already been taken, and it hadn’t. I figured it was a sign and ran with it.

Scott: It also speaks of the project on a literal level – Over the course of the 3 Mutation records the band has shape-shifted and I believe that ethos will continue from record to record. I was lucky to handle a lead vocal on ‘The Frankenstein Effect’ and it turned out to be one of the most unhinged on there – That might have given the nod to work with me on a future record.

Is it true that a new Wildhearts album could be on the way?

Ginger: I said I didn’t want to concentrate on anything but the new solo album and Mutation, and I still mean that, but then you write a song, and another one, and another…and all of a sudden an album is taking shape in your mind.

If it happens it won’t be until later next year, so I still have a year of promo for Mutation, which I’m taking very seriously indeed. 

Ginger (Photo credit - Will Hutchinson)

How do you find time to juggle all your different projects and do you approach them differently?

Ginger: It’s more of a case of if I didn’t have so much to juggle the devil would use my hands for bad stuff. Having plenty to do keeps me focused. Same as Devin Townsend, same as Shane Embury, both guests of Mutation, I always have time for a new idea.

You recently released your new album ‘Mutation III: Dark Black’ on June 30th, can you tell us about the lyrical themes and meanings explored in the album?

Ginger: It was written and recorded at a very dark time, and fully intended to carve the chaos of mental illness into sonic form. Scott has a delightful saying “going method”, and that’s what Mutation is all about in a nutshell.

Scott: ‘Dark Black’ for me was very direct channeling of a headspace, but something that is not an easy idea to make sense of. There’s a mixture of bluntness and the cryptic. I found we did not try to articulate mental illness via music, we just ‘let go’ and recorded the natural output during a period where our heads were fucked. Some of the lyrics come across quite abstract which was less of a choice, more of a reflection of our thought processes.

What was the recording and writing process like and what was most challenging about creating it?

Ginger: The main challenge in the writing process was getting started. We had initially decided that we weren’t in the right mental state to write an album, then we got the idea of writing an album about how we were feeling and it was lighting a rocket after that.

For me, albums only need a legitimate reason to live and I’m up for giving birth to them.

Scott: As Ginger mentioned, just getting the first note down. The session was actually pulled when we met up, but after deciding to hang out for the evening, we talked ourselves around and started making noise. The most difficult thing for myself was tracking vocals, which take up a lot of my energy but was completely drained. There’s a desperation in my voice which was VERY real.

How do you think it compares to 2014’s ‘Error 500’ release?

Ginger: With ‘Error 500’ I wanted to push the limits of what extreme music represents. Extreme speed, extreme grandiosity, extreme weirdness, extreme unpredictability. We had a member of Cardiacs and a member of Napalm Death, so it was never going to sit anywhere comfortably on the shelf.

With this album, the subject matter and approach came from a very dark place. The actual music had less to do with it than the intention behind it, if we’re going to write about this shit then it can’t have any barriers. Given that brief it was an extremely easy album to record and mix.

Scott: I don’t come from a ‘metal’ background per se, and the line-up on ‘Error 500’ was a who’s who noisy esoteric talent. I did feel a weight present going into the record knowing what had come before, but tunnel vision, anger, frustration and the need to make something that punches the listeners head clean off took over.

How happy have you been with how the album turned out and the response from the fans?

Ginger: We are simply stunned. We had no idea if anyone was even going to like what we were doing, but to receive such a positive reaction was bizarre and extremely gratifying. With our intentions to get onto record the mess in our heads at the time, the subsequent reaction could well have been “Nope, just don’t get it”, and we’d have been more prepared for that than the amount of positivity we’ve seen towards ‘Dark Black’.

Scott: There was a moment just prior to Dave Draper (Mixing/Production) becoming involved where the album sounded more like a ‘big rock record’. As soon we approached the mixing with Dave on board, we took the sonics into a similar ballpark as Ginger previously visited on The Wildhearts’ ‘Endless Nameless’ which is such a divisive record, but one of my favourite of all time. We pressed the red button and were aware of the cutting off nose to spite face aspect of it. However, the response has been incredible. Some have said it’s more instant yet the most abrasive of the Mutation records – A huge compliment. 

Scott (Photo credit - Will Hutchinson)

I’m sorry to hear of your recent hospitalisation and I hope you are on the mend, but you have said that the UK tour in October and November will go ahead, so how excited are you for this and what can attending fans expect from your shows?

Ginger: I’ve always managed to pull myself into reasonably good shape, but for this I’m taking endurance into another realm. I want to be in the best shape I’ve ever been in order to fully translate the music into a live setting.

Scott: We’ve been talking of making the shows ‘an experience’– With sights to meet the sonics, even SUBsonics. I don’t want to ruin the plans, but it looks like it is going to be full on.

Following on from that how important do you think it is that people speak out about mental health issues and personally for you, how does music help you channel these issues?

Ginger: I think that without constantly speaking up about it, or speaking out about it, then mental health awareness always runs the danger of crawling back into the shadows. For some unfathomable reason, this is an area that people find very uncomfortable to talk about, and while extra attention is given whenever someone famous commits suicide, this illness is taking lives every hour of every day. It is beyond important that people keep talking about their experiences, it is essential.

Magazines like Kerrang! have tried to highlight the cause recently, but where were the interviews with Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell? Or even me, for that matter? Talking not only helps the readers but the musicians themselves. More musicians need to speak out or we’re gonna keep losing them. Surely that’s worth inclusion in all music magazines?

Scott: It’s a step forward in the fact it becoming a point of discussion and people are willing to go there. Personally I never really opened up about these sorts of things as explicitly as I have during this experience, and I have found it definitely helps to talk, the hardest part was breaking the seal of silence. I feel there is still a lot that needs to be communicated to break the stigmas, and especially the statics around male suicide and let’s be far, the rock music business has a larger percentage of males, which is unfortunate in itself.

Can you tell us about your best or most memorable UK touring experiences in the UK?

Ginger: Most of the more memorable stories are impossible to tell without a lawyer present, as you can imagine, but I’ve seen a lot of stuff, very good and very bad, and I’m still here to talk about it. So are all the Wildhearts, for that matter. We’ve lost a few bits n pieces here & there, but we’re still going strong. The only thing I can deduce from this is that some people just cannot be killed.

What have been some of your personal highlights throughout your entire career?

Ginger: Whenever your music affects people, to whatever degree, is a highlight that cannot be surpassed. From that tiny idea that appears in your guitar one day, to actually having a positive, sometimes life changing effect on the listener, that’s something any self-respecting Doctor would consider important, let alone a punk rocker from South Shields.

What else do you and Mutation have planned for the future?

Ginger: Oh man, you just wait and see. We want this to be an unforgettable experience That’s not to say it’ll be an entirely enjoyable one, but you won’t forget it for the rest of your life. That’s something I can guarantee.

I’d love to work on another Mutation record if that pans out. We are a ‘live’ band now, and I have some suitably absurd ideas of where to take the next record so it would stand out from the rest – Can we become more extreme, Yes and I think I know how.

Denzel (Photo credit - Will Hutchinson)

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Ginger: Talk about your problems, ask if your friends are okay, take chances, be prepared to look a fool, don’t drink cheap wine, turn the TV off once in a while, demand the right to watch only good movies, keep receipts and take bad music back to the shop to exchange for something great, kiss your kids too much, love your dog four times as much as a human and don’t vote Tory.

Scott: Don’t fear the Mutation experience, it is not going to be pleasant but it will serve as a diversion from the stuff in your life that weakens people. Come along and bathe in the noise. 

Watch Mutation's video for 'Hate':

Mutation's New Album  ‘Mutation III: Dark Black’ is out now.

The band will tour the UK in October/November:

For more on Mutation:

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BELPHEGOR Release Lyric Video For 'Apophis - Black Dragon'

BELPHEGOR Release Lyric Video For 'Apophis - Black Dragon'

BELPHEGOR has conjured forth the most vicious release of their 24 year band-career so far. The band have released their new single 'Apophis - Black Dragon'. Check out the lyric video here:

Pre-order the album now:

Totenritual - Track Listing:

I. Baphomet
II. The Devil's Son
III. Swinefever - Regent Of Pigs
IV. Apophis - Black Dragon
V. Totenkult - Exegesis Of Deterioration
VI. Totenbeschwörer [Instrumental]
VII. Spell Of Reflection
VIII. Embracing A Star
IX. Totenritual
Bonus (Digipak):
X. Stigma Diabolicum (live)
XI. Gasmask Terror (live)

Totenritual was recorded at Stage One Studios, Germany and Studio Mischmaschine, Austria. Over three years have passed since the Conjuring The Dead album was released. The new album will be mixed by Jason Suecof and mastering done by Mark Lewis at Audiohammer Studios, Florida.

The artwork will once again be created by Greek artist Seth Siro Anton, who also painted the cover artwork for Pestokalypse VI in 2006 and Conjuring The Dead in 2014.

Drum recording trailer:
'Totenkult - Exegesis Of Deterioration' recorded live inside their "rehearsal bunker":
Studiotrailer #1 - Drums:
Studiotrailer #2 - Bass:
Studio Trailer #3 - Rhythm Guitars:
Studio Trailer #4 - Vocals:

08.10. UK London - The Dome
10.10. UK Glasgow - Audio
11.10. UK Newcastle - The Riverside
12.10. UK Belfast - Limelight 2
13.10. IRL Dublin - Voodoo Lounge | |

ACROSS THE ATLANTIC Talk 'Works Of Progress' In Track By Track Video

ACROSS THE ATLANTIC Release Track By Track Video For New Album 'Works Of Progress'

San Antonio, Texas' hottest newcomers, ACROSS THE ATLANTIC have released a new track by track video in which they talk every song off of their upcoming label debut, Works Of Progress. The video also features sound snippets of each track:

Check out the video for 'Sundress Funeral' which premiered on Rock Sound last week:

Pre-order your copy of the album:
Digital album

Catch up on the other episodes:
Episode #1:
Episode #2:
Episode #3:
Episode #4:
Episode #5:
Episode #6:
'24 Hours':
'Playing For Keeps':
'Sundress Funeral':

The band recently got confirmed to tour Europe supporting German alternative rock act ALAZKA and Swedish newcomers IMMINENCE in September.

The tour will start only 2 weeks after the release Works Of Progress which is set for a worldwide September 1release via SharpTone Records.

17.09.17 Germany Hannover @ Mephisto
18.09.17 Germany Dortmund @ FZW
19.09.17 UK Cardiff @ Fuel
20.09.17 UK London @ The Black Heart
22.09.17 Germany Trier @ Exhaus
23.09.17 Switzerland Aarau @ Kiff
24.09.17 Italy Milan @ Circolo Svolta
25.09.17 Austria Wien @ Chelsea
26.09.17 Germany Berlin @ Musik & Frieden
27.09.17 Poland Warsaw @ Hydrozagadka
28.09.17 Czech Rep Prague @ Rock Cafe
29.09.17 Germany Dresden @ Konk Klub
30.09.17 Germany Stuttgart @ KellerKlub


The band consists of singer Jay Martinez backed by guitarists Jason Lugo & Julio Bautista along side bassist Jayy Garza & drummer Cody Cook.

More info coming soon - stay tuned!

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EPICA Unveil "Behind The Music" Trailer #2

EPICA Release Second "Behind The Music" Trailer

Recently, EPICA announced their long-awaited EP, The Solace System. This record will include six brand-new numbers, which were written and recorded during the process of their latest album The Holographic Principle, which came out in late 2016 and charted worldwide. The EP release is due for September 1st, 2017 via NuclearBlast.

To give you all an understanding of the content and the concept of this EP, EPICA will release some "behind the music" videos! They have unveiled part 2 of the trailer series, which you can see here:

Catch up on part 1:

The band comments: "Here's our view on the new upcoming EP "The Solace System". We talk about the music and the lyrics of all the songs you can find on this record. Enjoy watching!"

Track list of The Solace System:
01. The Solace System
02. Fight Your Demons
03. Architect Of Light
04. Wheel Of Destiny
05. Immortal Melancholy
06. Decoded Poetry

Watch the music video of the title track 'The Solace System', here:

The Solace System was recorded, mixed & mastered by team Joost van den Broek and Jacob Hansen. It was produced by anime-master Davide Cilloni. The stunning artwork is once again by the hand of Stefan Heilemann.

Simone Simons (vocalist) comments on the EP:
"During the early writing process of 'The Holographic Principle' we found out that we were blessed with a huge amount of songs. The songs that didn't fit on our album are now available for you on this special EP! I hope you guys will enjoy these songs as much as we do!"

Pre-order now:
The box set The Holographic Principle – The Ultimate Edition as well as the EP The Solace System are now available for pre-order.

Nuclear Blast have also re-released two classic albums from EPICA, Design Your Universe and The Divine Conspiracy on vinyl. Each album is available in two different colours:

The United Principle Tour - UK & Ireland 2018
06.04. UK Nottingham - Rock City
07.04. UK Glasgow - ABC1
08.04. UK Bristol - o2 Academy
10.04. IRL Dublin - Tivoli
12.04. UK Manchester - o2 Ritz
13.04. UK London - o2 Forum

Tickets and VIP upgrades are available through:

More on EPICA:
'Edge Of The Blade' OFFICIAL VIDEO:
'Universal Death Squad' OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO:
'Beyond The M
Europe tour 2017 aftermovie:
'Dancing In A Hurricane' - Live at The Zenith:

Mammothfest Unveil Official Trailers For 2017 & Reveal 2019 Goals

MAMMOTHFEST Release Official Festival Trailers & Reveal Aims For 2019

Plenty who have attented Mammothfest before will know the kind of carnage that unfolds on each day at the festival. For those who have never been before, you can now get a taste of what to expect across the weekend as Mammothfest has unveiled footage from previous events.

There are four videos to watch, from the "weekend" video with a preview of everything you can experience at Mammothfest over the three days, to the separate videos of daily themed footage.

This includes the Friday, which is the "Black Metal Day", headlined by Rotting Christ. The Saturday, headlined by Fleshgod Apocalypse, a day packed with a variety of extreme styles in metal. Finally, the Sunday "Doom Metal Day", headlined by Amenra. All headliners are exclusive to Mammothfest in 2017!

This is the perfect way to either relive your previous experiences of the festival or get your first glimpse of the expected fun and chaos that is destined to be had in 2017.

Mammothfest 2017, which is held at The Arch in Brighton from October 6th to October 8th is not to be missed and was recently featured in Metal Hammer (UK) in the festival preview last month under the 'best metal action at UK festivals'. See why in the trailers below!

Weekend trailer:

Friday Black Metal Day:

Saturday Extreme Metal Day:

Sunday Doom/Stoner Day:

Future Plans For Mammothfest
Even though we haven't even reached Mammothfest 2017 yet, the festival organiser, Steve Dickson, has been thinking ahead to where this festival can be in two years time if 2017 is a success.

Currently, Mammothfest is a metropolitan style festival and has been since the beginning, but the goal has always been to push the festival to become an open air event.

With the likes of Hevy Fest and Sonisphere no longer options for open air festivals in the South of the United Kingdom, along with Download and Bloodstock further up the country, it is a strong desire for Mammothfest to tap into the demand of an outside festival for heavy music in the south.

Each year, Mammothfest grows as an event and that target is getting closer, to the point that in just a couple of years this can be a reality. We want customers to be a part of history, to be the tipping point that could very well turn a possibility into an absolute certainty.

In 2019, our hope is that for everyone involved in Mammothfest, from the organisers to paying customers to be able to say "We made Mammothfest what it is today".

Let's sell this year out and make what was once a pipe dream come true!
The director Steve Dickson comments "It has been our dream from the start to become an open air festival. We have the site and plans are coming together very nicely, we just need to hit our targets each year and this will become a reality.

This is why it is so important that everyone gets behind us including press, sponsors, customers and the bands; (not because we are greedy for money, every penny gets reinvested into growth) because we want to provide a metal festival in the South so people don't have to travel for so many hours to go and see their favourite bands.

Not only that, we have some insanely cool ideas that will ensure Mammothfest becomes an incredible weekend experience for all. All of us at Mammothfest urge everyone to secure your tickets ASAP and be a part of history. A huge thank you goes out from the team and I for all the support we have got to date! See you all at Mammothfest 2017!"

For more information on Mammothfest and to get your tickets:

Devilfire Release New Single For "She's Like Fire"

Devilfire Release New Single For "She's Like Fire" 

Ahead of their homecoming headline show, Birmingham rockers Devilfire have unleashed a new music video for 'She's Like Fire'.

Taken from their stunning debut album 'Dark Manoeuvres' (out 6th October) the video follows Devilfire's European tour as special guests to former Nightwish vocalist Tarja Turunen.

'She's Like Fire' is the second single to be lifted from the new album following breakout track 'Waiting For A Rockstar'. Devilfire frontman Alex Cooper says, "Being in the rock scene you encounter some pretty extrovert people, I love that! This new song is about someone I knew that was just a whirlwind to me "dancing with desire." I'm not afraid to say I was very into this person but not everything is meant to be. Always look to move forward in life."

Devilfire headline the o2 Academy, Birmingham on the 26th August, and will play HRH Sleaze at Sheffield's o2 Academy 2nd September with Faster Pussycat, Vain, Jizzy Pearl's Love/Hate and more.

Ticket links:

Devilfire's debut album was mixed by acclaimed producer Romesh Dodangoda (Motorhead, Bring Me The Horizon, Bullet For My Valentine) and co-produced by Romesh and Devilfire frontman Alex Cooper (Shy, Quireboys Spike, Ginger) at Long Wave Studios in Cardiff; 'Dark Manoeuvres' is a mammoth 13-track love affair. Calling on varied influences with a darker melodic sound, this hook laden, riff filled collection of music has been carefully crafted with passion. 'Dark Manouevres' is set to push rock's boundaries with its honest British roots.

Pre-Order "One of the best rock albums of 2017" :

Devilfire Links:

INSTAGRAM – @devilfireofficial

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NOVELISTS Release New Music Video For 'A Bitter End'

NOVELISTS Release New Music Video For 'A Bitter End' Taken From Upcoming Album 'Noir'

Up and coming modern progressive metal outfit NOVELISTS have released the new music video for 'A Bitter End'. The song comes off of their upcoming second album 'Noir' which will be released on the 8th of September via Arising Empire & SharpTone Records.

The band commented: "This song comes from the darker chapter of the album, and is one of our personal favourites. We've always been very bipolar regarding what we want in our songs; this one shows the heavier side of the band."
Watch 'A Bitter End' now:

'Under Different Welkins':
'The Light, The Fire':
Guitar playthrough:

Pre-order your copy of 'Noir' here:

The band recently announced to support Australian deathcore powerhouse MAKE THEM SUFFER on their Worlds Apart European Tour 2017. They'll also share the stage with CURSED EARTH.



20.10.17 Germany Frankfurt @ 11er
21.10.17 Holland Hilversum @ De Vorstin
22.10.17 Belgium Antwerp @ Kavka
23.10.17 UK London @ Boston Music Rooms
24.10.17 UK Manchester @ Rebellion
26.10.17 UK Glasgow @ The Garage Attic
27.10.17 UK Leeds @ Key Club
28.10.17 UK Brighton @ Sticky Mike's
29.10.17 UK Bristol @ The Fleece
30.10.17 UK Nottingham @ Rock City Basement
01.11.17 Switzerland Aarau @ Kiff
02.11.17 Germany München @ Feierwerk
04.11.17 Italy Milan @ Circolo Svolta
05.11.17 Austria Graz @ Explosiv
06.11.17 Germany Nürnberg @ Z-Bau
07.11.17 Czech Rep Prague @ 007
08.11.17 Germany Berlin @ Cassiopeia
09.11.17 Denmark Aalborg @ Aalborg Metal Festival
10.11.17 Norway Oslo @ Revolver
12.11.17 Sweden Gothenburg @ Fängelset
13.11.17 Germany Hamburg @ Hafenklang
14.11.17 Germany Hannover @ Mephisto
15.11.17 Germany Leipzig @ Naumanns
16.11.17 Germany Oberhausen @ Kulttempel

Tracklist of Noir:
01. L'appel du Vide
02. Monochrome
03. Under Different Welkins
04. Les Nuits Noires
05. Grey Souls
06. A Bitter End
07. Stranger Self
08. The Light, The Fire
09. Joie de Vivre
10. Lead the Light
11. À Travers le Miroir
12. Heal the Wound

Matt Gelsomino - vocals
Florestan Durand - guitar
Amael Durand - drums
Charly Kelevra - guitar
Nicolas Delestrade - bass | |

WE CAME AS ROMANS New Album Coming October

WE CAME AS ROMANS Release Teaser Video For New Album

American rockers We Came As Romans have just dropped this teaser video for their new album due out October. Watch the video below to get a taste of what is to come!

For more information on We Came As Romans:

ELUVEITIE Release Second Studio Trailer + Live Q&A Today 24th August!

ELUVEITIE Release Second Studio Trailer + Live Q&A Today!

Last week, Melodic Death/Folk metal masters ELUVEITIE released the follow-up to their 2009 acoustic album with Evocation II - Pantheon.

Today, ELUVEITIE comment:

"Ever wanted to get a in-depth look on the creative process of 'Evocation II - Pantheon' Ever wanted to know details of the guitar work, wondered about vocal techniques used or particular folk instruments played on the album? Then don't miss your chance. Thursday August 24th at 7pm sharp we'll hold a real-time Q&A on our official facebook page. You'll get the chance to drill us with your questions, we'll be all yours!

If you don't have the album yet, then go and get it now! Listen to it and discuss it with us tomorrow!

Cheers & sláinte"

For the live Q&A, check their facebook, here:

In addition, the band has also released the second studio trailer today:

music video for the single 'Epona':
Background story of 'Epona':
Trailer #1:

Pre-order the album on a variety of formats including Limited Edition Double Gatefold Clear Vinyl from the Nuclear Blast UK store. Merch also available:

Shortly after the tour dates being announced many fans asked if it would be possible to have "Meet & Greets" with the band members on this tour, like on previous runs. As a result, ELUVEITE are happy to offer the following VIP Package for every show on the MAXIMUM EVOCATION Tour! The package for £43.99 ,- will be available from June 14th and includes:

- Meet&Greet (including a performance of two brandnew acoustic songs)
- Tour shirt
- Early entry into venue (15 minutes)
- Keychains + Tour Laminate
- Picture with all VIP guests and the whole band (will be sent to you by mail)

Exclusive VIP experience:

The Charm The Fury

25.10.2017 IT – Parma, Campus Industry
26.10.2017 HU – Budapest, Barba Negra
27.10.2017 PL – Warsaw, Progresja
28.10.2017 CZ – Zlin, Masters of Rock Cafe
29.10.2017 AT – Vienna, Simm City
30.10.2017 DE – Stuttgart, LKA Longhorn
31.10.2017 SI – Ljubljana, Kino Siska
02.11.2017 FR – Paris, Cabaret Sauvage
03.11.2017 UK – London, Islington Assembly Hall
04.11.2017 NL – Eindhoven, Effenaar
05.11.2017 BE – Antwerp, Trix
06.11.2017 DE – Frankfurt, Batschkapp
08.11.2017 DE – Berlin, Kesselhaus
09.11.2017 DE – München, Backstage
10.11.2017 DE – Leipzig, Hellraiser
12.11.2017 DE – Bochum, Zeche

More ELUVEITIE live dates:
06.07. E Viveiro - Resurrection Fest
08.07. D Ballenstedt - Rockharz Open Air
09. - 12.08 CZ Jaromer - Brutal Assault
16. - 19.08. D Dinkelsbühl - Summer Breeze
20.08. F Saint-Nolff - Motocultor Festival

Jonas Wolf | guitars
Matteo Sisti | whistles, bagpipes, mandola
Nicole Ansperger | fiddle
Alain Ackermann | drums
Chrigel Glanzmann | vocals, whistles, mandola, bagpipes, bodhran
Fabienne Erni | vocals, celtic harp, mandola
Kay Brem | bass
Michalina Malisz | hurdy gurdy
Rafael Salzmann | guitars