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Book Review: From Hades to Valhalla… BATHORY - The Epic Story

  The Swedish black metal band Bathory was formed in 1983 and is considered a pioneer of black metal and Viking metal. Because Bathory is such an influential and intriguing band (they never even did a proper tour, as they stopped performing live early on in their career!), Spanish metal journalist José Luis Cano Barron decided to release an unofficial but definitive biography of Bathory. The book From Hades to Valhalla... BATHORY—The Epic Story by José Luis Cano Barron was originally written in Spanish, but fortunately, thanks to Pagan Records and Monomaniax, the book has now been translated into English for the first time, so it can reach a wider audience! The book dives into the history and career of the revered band Bathory's journey from their early black metal roots to their Viking metal mastery and makes for an interesting read across its 156 pages and also features rare photographs of the creative leader of the band, Thomas Börje Forsberg who was known as Quorthon, he was th
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FORTRESS FESTIVAL confirms more acts for 2025: Akhlys, Selbst, Grift & Perennial Isolation

  Fortress Festival has revealed a further four exclusive performances set to take place during the 2025 edition. Akhlys, Grift, Selbst and Perennial Isolation join Agalloch, Ulcerate, Forteresse, RUÏM, The Great Old Ones, Spirit Possession, Perchta and Belore, for what is promising to be another extraordinary weekend for black metal fans. Akhlys, who have just released their fourth album “House of the Black Geminus” to critical acclaim, will perform a 2025 UK exclusive set at Fortress Festival. Following the release of “Despondency Chord Progressions” earlier this year, the South American project Selbst will bring its music to a UK stage for the very first time with a UK debut and exclusive set. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of its debut album “Syner”, Grift will perform the album in full with a UK exclusive set. Perennial Isolation will perform its iconic 2021 album “Portraits” in full in what will be a UK debut and exclusive performance from the Barcelona-based atmospheric black

HELLDOWN unleash new single and video, 'March Of The Damned'

  Commanding metallers HELLDOWN charge onwards with the release of their vicious single and video, 'March Of The Damned', out now - . Listen to the track via - If you’re new to HELLDOWN, then you’re missing out; the Swansea based squad have been dropping thumping earworms for the past decade. Featuring brothers Ben and Matthew Evans (respective Bassist/Vocalist and Rhythm Guitarist), Ross Thomas (Drums) and Lewis Larkman (Lead Guitarist), the compelling riff merchants have a reputation for being one of the fiercest bands to come out of Wales. To date, the popular metal crew have racked up critical acclaim with everyone from Metal Hammer, Powerplay Magazine, Ever Metal, Metal Talk, Moshville, Noizze, Maximum Volume Music, Total Rock, and Kerrang! Radio. The band have also acquired a strong live following abetted by a string of shows with the likes of Phil Campbell, Toxic Holocau


  So many cool things to share, with just over 3 weeks to go to BLOODSTOCK 2024! Read on and get excited!! If you’re still planning your outfits for BLOODSTOCK and fancy something new, EMP are here to lend a hand with a 20% off discount code! Just enter the code BOA20 at the checkout, before 4th Aug (minimum order value £30, one use only). They’ve also got a competition running for free tickets which you can enter here . Have you been paying attention to Planet Rock Radio of late? BLOODSTOCK is pleased to share that their highly contested battle to open the Sophie Lancaster stage on Sunday morning has been won by triumphant Welsh headbangers BLACK | LAKES . Get up early and go show some support, they might be just what your ARCHITECTS bangover needs. The riotous, hotly fought Metal 2 The Masses finals covering 28 regions have now concluded for another year and BLOODSTOCK is delighted to reveal the final group of winners earning their spot on the Hopical Storm New Blood stage. Do check

Nu-metalcore band UNCURED release single 'Mask Of Sanity'

  Musicians paying homage to their influences is a story that has been around for decades. Every so often, an artist combines their influences and creates a new genre that defines their specific art and vision. This is what Uncured – the New Jersey quartet comprised of Rex Cox [vocals], Zak Cox [guitars], “King Z” Zachary King [drums], and Betto Andrade [bass] - have created with a genre they have affectionately dubbed ‘Nu Metalcore’. This is apparent on their first single ‘Mask Of Sanity’ – now available via all digital service providers – from their upcoming 2025 debut EP Warpath. The track is full of memorable melodies and thought-provoking lyrics that encapsulate the lens through which Uncured view the world. The track is available via all digital service providers here: . The Official Visualizer for ‘Mask Of Sanity’ can be seen HERE “We describe our sound as ‘Nu Metalcore’,” state Uncured. “It combines the raw energy, power and aggression of 2000s

HOLLOWKIN Release Single & Video 'Leech'

  Exciting contemporary metallers, HollowKin, are set to make a prominent mark with the release of their monolithic debut EP, Confessions & Failures, which lands on Friday 15th November. The fast-emerging newcomers have also just released the single and video, Leech. Watch the video here: and listen here: Born at the end of 2023, HollowKin wasted no time in setting out their manifesto. From the off, the diligent metalcorers soon amassed a heap of high-end quality material to commence work on their debut EP. In May of this year, the rampant riff slayers released their debut single, In Hersey. The single pricked strong interest and has set the stage for their new EP, Confessions & Failures. In pulling from a wealth of influences, HollowKin have shaped an intoxicating sound that is absorbing and utterly enthralling. The Bath-based five-piece merge the groove-drenched riffery of La

Far From Refuge Unleash New Single & Video 'Whitemane'

  Immensely talented UK prog metallers, FAR FROM REFUGE, unleash their towering new EP, False Flag on Friday 19th July. This stunning release is backed by their scorching single and video, 'Whitemane'. Check out the video, here: and listen via: Since their inception in 2018, FAR FROM REFUGE have repetitively captivated audiences with a glut of deeply alluring live performances and a substantial stream of potent releases. Hailing from Cambridge, UK, the progressive quartet traverse the frontiers of modern metal, cleverly merging a varied mix of engrossing influences to construct a powerful sound that provokes and rouses the senses. The band’s self-titled debut EP, landed in 2019, balanced fury and vigour alongside hooky refrains, and was followed by a series of compelling and distinct singles. Supplemented by a string of appealing music videos that showcase their varied approach

Penny Rich Announce Incendiary ‘On And On’ EP + ‘Fundamentals’ Video Out Now

  Noise punk rock band Penny Rich, a three-piece from Cardiff, Wales, has announced their new EP, ‘On & On,’ is set to drop this September. Ahead of the EP and upcoming live dates, the group has released protest track ‘Fundamentals’. Watch ‘Fundamentals’ (official music video): 'Fundamentals' explores the frustration and embarrassing nature of finding recourse in mainstream solutions to physical and mental health issues, solutions that have previously been prescribed - unsolicited or otherwise - by others unaffected by these issues, i.e. who have not had to suffer or agonise to 'get there'. It denotes the irrational feeling of injustice in the face of smugness by others at how this journey has unfolded, whether intentional or otherwise. Since forming in 2018, Penny Rich has become synonymous with a raw, invigorating sound that blends the evocative vibes of early Sub-Pop with a contemporary twist. Known for their skin-prickling, abrasiv