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Issue 20 of Stencil Magazine (Kids In Glass Houses Main Feature)

  Check out the new issue of Stencil mag featuring my interviews with The JCQ, Listener and The Peacocks as well as my reviews of August Burns Red, CB6 and Hawthorne Heights! Plus all the other brilliant interviews/reviews featured! Click on link below:     Carina 

Weesp - 'Sub' (Official Music Video)

Alt-Rock band, Weesp from Minsk, Belarus release official video for their song, 'Sub' taken from their 2011 EP, 'This Will Destroy Us'. Check out the dark and intriguing video below where the lead character played by front man Lex portrays a genius who borderlines insanity through his creativeness. The character changes masks throughout which symbolize different emotions: Serenity, Anger and Fear. Another great release from these experimental rockers! 'This Will Destroy Us' EP Cover Carina

Benjamin Teacher - MindsEye (Debut) Album Review

Benjamin Teacher is a multi talented musician, singer, songwriter, street performer and producer from London, who has been noticed by the likes of Billy Sherwood, Lady Gaga and Vince DiCola (Rocky, Transformers The Movie Soundtracks) and here in his debut he showcases his talents and passion in his own unique style..let us journey into his 'mind's eye'... Opening song, 'Stratmosphere' has an air of positivity about it and Benjamin show's off his many talents as everything you hear is done by him..he shows his guitar skills further in the instrumental atmospheric track, 'Welcome To The Galaxy' - I always enjoy a instrumental - well a good one! I think its a true test of musicianship if it can stand alone without the focus of vocals, as the instruments have to be melodic and stand out perhaps more to keep the attention of the listener..and that's just what he does! The short but sweet, "Venus Loves Jupiter" graces us with an elegant key

Latest Stencil Magazine featuring Interview with Killswitch Engage!

Check out the latest issue of Stencil featuring my reviews of Stone Sour, Arcane Roots & The Front Bottoms plus loads of other great reviews and of course interviews with the likes of Killswitch Engage, Stone Stour & more! See it all here: Carina

Weesp - 'Caves Unplugged' Video Release

Weesp - 'Caves Unplugged' Video Release Alternative Rock band from Minsk, Belarus release new video and unplugged version of old song , which is beautiful and soothing; they strut their stuff in this more stripped down version of their old song 'Caves' taken from their 2009 EP 'Taste Of Steel'. Check out the video below which like the song itself is powerful and beautiful with nice imagery and well placed arrangement between the story of the video and the band performing.

March Edition of Stencil Magazine

Check out the current Stencil Magazine featuring loads of awesome interviews including Andrew McMahon , Arcane Roots, ITCH, Senses Fail & More! As well as awesome reviews, including my own reviews of Bring Me The Horizon, Shai Hulud, Senses Fail & Alkaline Trio! Check it all out here:

EP Review: Misty Miller - Girlfriend (Review for Sound And Motion Magazine)

Here is a preview of my review of Misty Miller's EP, to view the full piece go to this link on Sound And Motion Magazine: Carina

EP Review - The Fulfillment - Origin (For Sound And Motion Magazine)

Here is a preview of my review of The Fulfillment written for Sound And Motion Magazine, to view the whole review visit this link: Cheers, Carina

Latest Issue of Stencil Mag!

Check out the latest issue out now featuring the interview I done with Padge (Guitarist) from Bullet For My Valentine along with my review of Bullet For My Valentine's new album, "Temper Temper", Heaven's Basement - Filthy Empire, Hancox - Vegas Lights and Fahran's self titled album review! All this plus loads more! Check it out here: Carina

New Issue of Stencil Magazine out 27th Jan!

New issue of Stencil Magazine coming your way on the 27th of January with all new design! Check out the preview new cover above with cover stars Bullet For My Valentine! Plus loads more brilliant interviews, reviews & more! Until the new issue is out why not check out the latest issue and past ones here: Cheers! Carina

Issue 16 of Stencil Mag!

Check out the latest issue featuring my interview with Jason Bowld from Axewound ( Pitchshifter) and  extraordinary  one armed guitarist, Benjamin Teacher (Ultra Violet Man) from London!  As well as my album of the new review (Halestorm - The Strange Case Of) and all my other reviews of Axewound - Vultures, Stone Sour, Bad Books, Basement, Parkway Drive, Less Than Jake, Handguns, Conquer The Decade, Fell On Black Days and cover stars Deftones! Plus loads more interviews and reviews!! Keep rocking! Carina