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Adam Gilbert - A Generation Of Forgotten Kings Album Review

  Piano-based singer-songwriter, Adam Gilbert is back with his band mates Sean O'Flynn (Guitar), Matt Jaworski (Bass) and Brain Prokop (Drums) with the follow up to their first album, 'Fishing For Water' which achieved national airplay and positive press through their alternative rock/pop sound. Their return with sophomore album, 'A Generation of Forgotten Kings' shows a more serious nature and more musical exploration.. Opening and title track, 'A Generation of Forgotten Kings' has a big opening with chants sounding out which are well placed throughout adding to its power and giving an arena feel to it, aided by the structure of the dramatic instruments also and lyrics filled with a positive meaning of unified change. A striking first blow to kick things off! 'How Do We Respond' is an emotional one with high focus on Adam's vocals with largely complex piano work to accompany and lyrics that display doubt and confusion with the approp

Gumshen - Progtronica Album Review

    It can be hard to find music that stands out from all the others within its own genre, but Gumshen from Seattle have got the right idea by entwining elements of various genres into one sound. Can you guess how they arrived at the title of ‘Progtronica’?… Opening song, ‘Bell Ringer’ has a positive upbeat sound largely made through the use of ambient synth sounds and energetic dance vibes. This one helps prepare us for the eclectic mix of genres to come! There are some nice tempo changes and variations throughout as the track progresses and demonstrates that the band know how to create a good musical arrangement.. ‘Stipulation’ is an easy listening song with a fun positive feel and has more appropriate and better fitted vocals here which compliment the tone and sound of the song moreso. Again they show good composition and musical arrangement.   ‘Fine One to Talk’ changes things up dramatically with an air of country and folk aided by complimentary big melodic vo

CalatrilloZ Interview

CalatrilloZ are a operatic metal/progressive rock quintet hailing from London. Indie Guru are working with them trying to get them more exposure – which is something this band certainly deserve as they have created their own inspiring creative sound which is enthralling, exciting and intriguing! Once you give them a listen you will succumb to their charm and awe.. To try and uncover the mysterious and ever intriguing enigmas that comprise the unique and adventurous act that is CalatrilloZ I questioned front man, Zahyin on their latest happenings and events.. For those who haven’t had the pleasure of listening to your music, how would you describe your sound?   Our sound is a storytelling blend of different styles under a Metal Umbrella. Maybe an operatic blend of Symphonic Metal and Progressive Rock. Its heavy, but very melodic, and the rhythm varies a lot. Everything works towards being epic and meaningful! What made you decide to come up with a concept for the band and c