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Mammothfest Review: Rising Bands Spotlight for Agony Magazine

Crowd at Mammothfest Brighton 2016 by Luke Bateman Check out my review of Mammothfest Brighton 2016 which just focuses on the rising emerging bands that featured on the line up for Agony Magazine. Visit link below:

Band Spotlight: Vrona (Interview)

"Expect something in there from almost any genre you can think of laid over a constant theme.." Vrona from Brighton, East Sussex, UK are a diverse textured progressive instrumental act to keep an eye on, after seeing them myself live at this year's Mammothfest in their hometown I caught up with guitarist, Jack Baker to ask about how the festival was for them, how they came to be and much more!  Firstly you have an interesting band name, can you tell us how this came about and what it means? Sure! It essentially came around by the idea of not wanting to be limited by our name, if a band called “ Daisy and the Chitty Chums ” put out a pornogrind album it ’ d just be weird, same story with a band called “ Guttural Decimation ” throwing out a jazz-funk album, so in that sense having a fairly open ended name like Vrona appealed, especially with the groggy weird nature of what we do where we could put pretty much anything in the middle of a song and i