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Burden of the Sky Release 'Lights' (Ellie Goulding Cover)

Burden of the Sky is a alt-metal/hard rock band that has taken the effervescent dance tones of Ellie Goulding's hit single "Lights" and given the pop song a whole new level of sound! Raising the bar, Burden of the Sky has released their cover of "Lights" in form of a rock song that carries an underlying sense of their alt-metal/hard rock sound. Their dynamic abilities really define this single to be its own and without question: Burden of the Sky's. A definitive alt metal/hard rock fusion is what guitarists Brad Shaw and Josh Appel along with keyboardist Michael Mahoney, bassist Dustin Tritsch, drummer Rick Streeter, and vocalist Scottie James have mastered with "Lights" . A striking take that is sure to become a favorite. Check out the video below: "We chose to cover "Lights" because it connects us with our universal fear of the dark. We all know what it feels like to be alone and frightened in a dark place; paralyzed

Razorwire Halo Release New Lyric Video For Single 'Cover My Eyes'

Industrial Rock/Metal group Razorwire Halo have released a new lyric video for upcoming single "Cover My Eyes". Razorwire Halo's music creates layers of multi-dimensional sound that lends an experience not to be missed. Whether your listening or partaking in their live show, Razorwire Halo's electro-rock mix and seductional foreplay is a definitive sound. Razorwire Halo's video for "Cover My Eyes" will satiate your music longings as it is now available for Pre-Save . Single release date is: Friday, August 14th, 2020 via INgrooves. Check out the lyric video for the new single below: "Razorwire Halo tackles the danger and grave consequence of what it is to look (but not see) in their latest track, "Cover My Eyes" . This track is an intense and convicting offering that demonstrates an explosive, but sleek soundscape that sonically pays tribute to beloved 90's Industrial and Alt-Rock offerings while keeping it modern." - Razo

STRANDED BY CHOICE drop new video GROUNDHOG ahead of album release

Montana based hard rock quartet Standed By Choice are set for release of their third studio album 'Lost By Design' on August 28th 2020. The band have released a snippet of the upcoming album with their new video 'Groundhog'. The album boasts heavy riffs, soaring vocals and crushing grooves. It's a wonderful mix of country-style rock, hard rock and in parts, has a metal infusion. “Shooting the video for Groundhog was very intense but at the same time extremely fun. In order to accomplish our concept of the video, it required us to play the entirety of the song in one outfit, mark our places, change outfits, then play the song again. I believe we ended up taking around thirty takes of the song. It was a lot of work but the end product was worth it.” ▪ Levi Luoma, drummer for Stranded By Choice Stranded By Choice was formed over a decade ago against the rugged backdrop of central Montana. In an area where the vast plains meet the mountains and the mountains


Big News! 2021 tour dates and a 2020 song collaboration with members of Clawfinger, Static X, Misery Loves Company, Frank Turner, Bullet For My Valentine, Skindred, Fear Factory, Hacktivist, Stamping Ground, Earthtone 9, Romeo Must Die, Sikth, Raging Speedhorn and Seething Akira! Wait, WHAT!? “EFKD 2020” single: * Stream: * buy: Tickets for the Pitchshifter Nov-Dec 2021 UK tour: Says vocalist JS Clayden: “I thought that everything was as messed up as it was going to get in the year 2000 when we originally released the ‘Everything’s F**ked’ single; but we're two decades down the road and the lyrics are still applicable. We’re living in a slow-motion apocalypse. What better way to finally jockey clown ship earth off the bluffs than a re-issue of a 20-year-old tune lamenting the madness with a bunch of like-minded deviant provocat

BLOODYWOOD Releases Documentary Video Featuring Live Footage of 2019 RAJ AGAINST THE MACHINE TOUR

After building a large online fan base with multiple viral videos, New Delhi based Indian Metal Band BLOODYWOOD decided to take to the road in the summer of 2019 with their RAJ AGAINST THE MACHINE, not only the band's first ever tour, but the first time they played live as a band. Bloodywood had no idea what to expect on their first ever tour but the response was far greater than they ever imagined selling out 12 shows on the 3 week tour, culminating in the band's set at WACKEN OPEN AIR . BLOODYWOOD further documented the tour through footage shot across a GoPro strapped to guitarist/flautist Karan Katiyar's chest, frenzied mobile phone footage shot by the audience and the band themselves, as well as world class footage shot at Wacken Open Air. The documentary tells the story of how the band formed and their surreal Raj against the Machine tour. After an action packed opening sequence that captures the essence of the film within the span of a minute and a half, you

Bikini Cigarette Release New Single & Video 'War'

Bikini Cigarette are a Portuguese Rock Band from Vizela, formed by the vocalist Vitor Teixeira, the guitarists Rui Borges and Diogo Guimarães, the bassist Miguel Vilaça and by the drummer Diogo Carvalho. The band formed back in 2016 and they are set to release their first EP later this year but in the meantime they have released their new single and video 'War'. Guitarist Rui Borges commented on the new song 'War': "War is a song about the anger that most young Soldiers feel when they are summoned to go to war, fighting for a cause they don't believe in. It's structured in 3 different narratives that approach different moments in the theater of war, evoking the strange sensations that these Soldiers go through until they reach the climax of an irreversible trauma. Heavy guitar riffs & powerful drums blended with heartfelt vocal melodies are the perfect match to deliver this important message." Check out the video below: 'War

Firing All Cylinders Release "Never Broken" Music Video

Southern California rockers Firing All Cylinders are back with a new music video for "Never Broken." The music video was directed by Matthew Upton of  MUPD and edited by the band's vocalist Rix Boker. The song was recorded with Jeremy and Brandon Wolfe at Wolfie Studios in Southern California. The video rendition was filmed in Boker’s Southern California garage proving even DIY music videos can be explosive. Check out the video for "Never Broken": Vocalist Rix Boker said the followin about the video: “Never Broken has a simple message: Don’t give on yourself and Always be yourself. Being a unique person is something you should be proud of.” Firing All Cylinders represent the explosive sound, excitement, and intensity of heavy metal with influences from the past and present. The group incorporates classic rock n’ roll sound inspired by bands like AC/DC and Black Sabbath. Add a dash of modern metal bands such as KoRn, Avenged Sevenfold,

REVIEW: Solarcycles - 'Ethereal Storms' EP

Solarcyles are a folk metal band from the Netherlands who incorporate Celtic and Scandinavian influences giving them a very alluring and interesting sound. The band describes their music 'an esoteric journey propelled by forces unable to behold'. They formed around five years ago and released their debut EP 'Ethereal Storms' in 2017, I didn't have the pleasure of hearing the EP back when first released but I'm very glad they were bought to my attention now... Intro and opening song 'Hold On To The Sun' is short but impactful being atmospheric and setting the scene for what lies ahead and transitions wonderfully into 'Setting Sun' which blazes to life with fast guitar licks reminiscent of Nightwish instrumentally. We are graced with alluring vocals from Sascha Van Der Meer to accompany the lively folk instruments that are skilful and enchanting as the vocals throughout, this is a very enjoyable and ambient experience. 'Seven Spheres&

Zero Theorem Release New Single & Video 'Swarm'

At a time when the world is at its most chaotic, Zero Theorem are releasing “ Swarm ” as the perfect expression of our collective frustrations. The song encapsulates the feeling of rage and lack of control many are experiencing around the world due to the Covid -19 pandemic. “Swarm” was released 17th July and is available now everywhere. The single is the first from “The Killing II” EP, slated to bow later this year. In anticipation of the song’s full release, the band has launched their campaign with the animated “Swarm” video - which captures Los Angeles based Zero Theorem’s blend of Hard Rock and Metal with a science fiction aesthetic. Vocalist Caesar explains: "Swarm" highlights the struggle between authenticity and blissful ignorance. The song grimly mocks the overly self-indulgent who choose lives of carefree superficiality. However, the critique isn’t about dwelling on the negative or embracing cynicism but rather facing our challenges with a realistic and


Following the devastating global effect Covid-19 has had on the music industry and live events, Iron Road Management have decided to take their known live events onto the digital road instead! Saturday 18th July 2020 at 18:30-23:30 GMT will see live stream performances from four bands Wolf Jaw, Hollowstar, Black Tree Vultures and False Hearts, interviews and interactive Q&A sessions. The event will be hosted by Pete K Mally and Natalie Asteria. Tickets are £12.50 per bubble. Regardless of if you have a very large bubble, an average sized bubble or your bubble is on the smaller side... we don't judge! So come join us for a night of socially distanced rock n roll! After all, we are all in this together.......apart! Check out the trailer for the event: MEET THE BANDS Wolf Jaw – A show-stealing three-piece consisting of lead vocalist and guitarist Tom Leighton, bassist Dale Tonks, and drummer Karl Selickis. Wolf Jaw’s combination of raw power, passion and nosta

SKANNERS Reveal New Lyric Video For “Back To The Past”

They are one of the longest-running and beloved band of the Italian Metal scene with a career that now comes close to four decades, SKANNERS have no intention of stopping their race. Following their successful album "Temptation" released on Alpha Omega Records, today the band reveals a new single. The lyric video for "Back To The Past" is now available here: The song has been chosen by the band for its clear references to the past, without nostalgic feelings, but a proud look at a story that will see its end when the time comes. Certainly not soon. Joy and pain, sweat and fatigue, disappointments and satisfactions: feelings that make a band's career something unique and true. This is what SKANNERS want to celebrate together with their fans. For the video the band worked with the famous video maker Stefano Mastronicola, who used some rare photos taken from the band's historical archive. Also watch: “Cut my Heart”

REVIEW: Robert Navajas - 'Firelove' (SINGLE)

Robert Navajas is an independent Rock/Metal artist from Madrid, Spain. He released his debut album "Spectrum" back in 2017 and the following year released his first single, "Gabriel Cruz’’ in 2018. Robert has an eclectic sound incorporating elements of Southern Rock, metal, blues, grunge and even grindcore and his upcoming sophomore album 'Firelove' which is set for in 2021 is certainly going to display this.  To get a taste of what's to come from the upcoming album, Robert has released the title track as the first single and lyric video. Check out the song/video below: 'Firelove' opens with upbeat beautiful acoustic guitar before it cranks up the volume with skilled guitar work throughout, passionate and powerful vocals, with a soaring solo to top it all off. This is a charming heartfelt rock track that is brilliantly crafted and shows off Robert's talents wonderfully.

REVIEW: Copper Still - 'Remembrance' (Single)

Copper Still are a new rock quartet from Scotland comprised of brothers Lee (vocals, guitar) and Callum (drums) with Steve on the guitar, and Nicky on Bass. They have released two singles this year and hope to hit the road when they are able to given the current covid 19 crisis but in the meantime check out their interesting and fresh sound. Check out their latest single 'Remembrance': 'Remembrance' is a hard-hitting, dark and catchy rock track with unique memorable vocals and great lyrics such as "I fell, for your tricks, for the last time! burn the witch". It also features nice slick melodic guitar work throughout, making for an enticing single and sound, it will be exciting to see what they do next. For more on the band visit:

REVIEW: A Titan, A Deity - 'Genesis' (Single)

Progressive metalcore act A Titan, A Deity formed back in 2016 and hail from Birmingham/London, UK. Since forming they have supported the likes of Monuments which inspired them to create their debut EP in 2018 and following that release they have gone onto support other big acts such as Novelists and The Contortionist. Now in 2020 they are back with some new material, 'Lilith' was the previous first new song released and now they are preparing to unleash their second single 'Genesis' which is due for release July 10th 2020. The concept and lyrical themes behind 'Genesis' are based around a semi sci-fi and religious concept and tells the story of an interstellar being that was created at the dawn of the universe, who takes control of the mind of someone on Earth in the present day to act as his prophet, to spread his will and change Earth to his image. Throughout the song the lyrics shift perspectives between this being, and his prophet and the psychic symbi