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The Lockhearts – Psychedelic Video From High Tempo Rock Band - Feature For Indie Band Guru

This Australian melodic rock quartet The Lockhearts haven’t been together for long, forming in 2012. They started out headlining weekly at the Spectrum in Sydney allowing them to develop and engulf a local fan base, and then here they are exploding onto the scene with their debut music video for “Freakshow” (directed by Tanzeal Rahim) and being heavily backed by MTV who have heavily played the video which has swept in to claim the number two spot at peak in the hit charts!   Its not hard to see why MTV are on board with the band as this powerhouse rock act have jumped right in and made their presence known with an unique and exciting driven sound. The accompanying video adds to their appeal with a flair of passion, enthusiasm and crazy fun antics! This band are having a blast and have tones of energy and flamboyance to go along with their rock ‘n’ roll attitude. The visuals in the video have high impact and an almost psychedelic feel being very creative and cool with fluorescent ligh

Calatrilloz - Single Reviews

  Calatrilloz are a London based concept band whose music is composed around a tale, "The Marionette's Theatre", where a bunch of supernatural beings ( the band members) search the world for the possessed string puppets and their power within. By infusing a story, and their images/disguises (which don't come across as a gimmick but rather add to the mystery and intrigue of this interesting unique act) they have created their Operatic blend of Symphonic Metal and Progressive Rock! The band have been around for a while now but they are back with two new singles ready to draw in a new crowd!.. The first new single is, 'Lords Of Misery' which has a dark and dramatic theatrical you might expect! It has creepy vibes which are created through the use of superb and varied vocals backed by a massive sound through the instruments, which cleverly give the impression of tension rising with a dark brooding sound. The song picks up the pace maki

Latest Issue 23 of Stencil Mag (Jan 2014)

Okay so now upto date Issue of Stencil Mag! (Jan 2014) Featuring loads of great interview/reviews! My reviews include: Canterbury, NOFX, The Lawrence Arms & Of Mice & Men! The new year has just begun and already we have seen some great releases, I highly recommend checking out Canterbury & Of Mice & Men's new album. You can read my reviews here: Until next time..have already started working on pieces for the next issue so look out for that and will also be posting more posts shortly! To all the upcoming awesome albums/gigs of the year!! Carina

Issue 22 Stencil Magazine (Papa Roach) - 2013

This Issue was a personal highlight for me as I was lucky enough to do phone interviews with only Jacoby Fucking Shaddix frontman of Papa Roach & AFI guitarist, Jade! This was huge for me being a big fan of both bands and growing up listening to them! My other contributions included the interviews for Mayday Parade, Protest The Hero, The Word Alive, my album of the year feature (Bring Me The Horizon - Sempiternal - say what you like about the band, but there is no denying this was a hell of an album!) and my other reviews of, Protest The Hero, AFI and A Day To Remember! To view this action packed issue, go here: Carina

Issue 21 Stencil Magazine

    Firstly Happy 2014!! (Sorry its so late!)   Just doing a bit of updating from last year, as this is first post of 2014 so thought I'd get my music CV updated before putting new things up and also a bit of reflecting! Bit late, but better late than never I say!..So here is Issue 21 of Stencil Mag, in this my contributions included the interview questions for Northlaine & A Skylit Drive & my reviews of Flyleaf, The Used, Zebrahead, Devil Wears Prada, Like Mothes To Flames, Bless The Fall, & lastly Kids In Glass Houses!   Check it all out here: