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Los Angeles based instrumental death/doom metal band, Sordes Dominum , have released their new single, “Verecundiam” on all streaming platforms including Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music - listen to the song, and watch the music video, on YouTube HERE “Verecundiam” is a music video that pushes the envelope within the metal scene. With haunting instrumental riffs and hard-hitting overtones in the single, producer Alex Crescioni has created a new wave of instrumental heavy metal that is both diabolic and powerful. Sharing on the band’s unique tuning, Alex states... “We are an instrumental doom metal project with a bit of an odd tuning. It's double drop E, with the lowest string an octave below standard E on both guitar and bass. The tuning is (E A E A D G B). We aim to use horror themes and atmospheres on top of punishing riffs in each song.” With influences from the members of the band deriving from Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, Rob Zombie, Fleshgod Apocalypse, and Korn, Sordes Dominum

FRACTURES & OUTLINES Despise Covid Times In New Music Video For Single “Vultures”

  It’s been a tough year for many bands during the age of Covid, but it has also been a source of inspiration for artistic expression. From lockdowns to friends and family unable to see one other, Gatineau, QC’s FRACTURES & OUTLINES are showcasing their disappointment with the world by sharing their take on the current events with their new single and music video “Vultures”. The track is a hard-hitting mosh anthem that fulminates the band’s frustration towards the current state of the world and their anger concerning seeing people around them falling for misinformation and conspiracies. As you listen, you can hear a blend of musical elements similar to early Silverstein and heavy-riffing like A Day to Remember. The band explains the track in further detail: “Vultures is our first step into the world of modern metal. We’re transitioning from our post-hardcore sound to a more polished version of ourselves, delivering our frustration through what we believe is one of our best tracks y


Ventruss release their metal single/video "Serpent"  with MVK Music Group . A hefty helping of sharp-cutting guitar work slithers its melodic waves and tells a story. With the engagement of video work, lyrical content, and incredible instrumental positioning, every part of "Serpent" begs to confirm - Ventruss is a modern metal rock band to follow. "Serpent" builds and delivers a complete statement. Previously released songs from their up-and-coming album in 2022, "Sentiment" , and "Talledega" , have been well received in the metal/hard rock world. With their final single/video release "Serpent" from their upcoming EP titled 'Serpent' their listeners are having their metal needs well taken care of. Be sure to watch for Ventruss's new EP in 2022!   Check out "Serpent" below: "Every story has a villain. And unfortunately, the way they become the villain is by gaining power. The title "Serpent"

_ECHOSEVEN releases second single 'Every-Thing'

  New Brunswick, Canada - Hot on the heels of their first label release, _ECHOSEVEN have released their second single on Curtain Call Records entitled “Every-Thing” today 22/10/21. “Every-Thing'' was originally released by_ECHOSEVEN in 2020 in Canada with a “Redux” version released in early 2021. This rerelease will showcase a new mix with a Modern Rock / Metal sound and new visuals by Productions North of Seven out of Ontario, Canada. The single will be serviced to US, Canadian and UK Radio outlets. This version will be the last incarnation of this track. In a short description, "EVERY-THING" is _ECHOSEVEN committing to their new sound: a blend of hard rock/metal riffs, haunting melodic vocals, hard-hitting drums while keeping the introspective lyrical message about personal discovery, perseverance, and overcoming life challenges. A combination that will appeal to current fans and gain the attention of new ones. _ECHOSEVEN is a female-Fronted Hard Rock, Alternative M

KULICK Releases New Single "The People I Know (Don't Like Me)"

  Rising modern pop-rock act KULICK has debuted "The People I Know (Dont Like Me)" the second single off his forthcoming EP 'Everyone I Know Will Die,' due out in 2022. Kulick says "This is a song about not fitting in with who you’re around and being very aware of it." Check out the official lyric video for "The People I Know (Don't Like Me)" below: Kulick will be heading out on the road supporting The Spill Canvas on the band's fall headline tour. Dates kick off November 4th and run through November 21. Tickets for all shows are now available at . The tour follows on the heels of his recent series of headline shows earlier this month. An artistic visionary, singer-songwriter, producer, audio engineer and lover of life, Kulick continues to mesmerize music fans with an ever-growing catalog of deeply personal, yet relatable songs that combine his roots in heavy rock music with ultra-catchy pop melodies, resulting in a


  As Within, So Without is a 4 piece Metalcore band hailing from Westchester County, NY. Their recent single/video release "My Revelation" is now available. The band started as four friends with a dream, who love music. AWSW is very passionate about music and this new single along with their upcoming sophomore album brings a strong message of positivity through hard times. The band is a big believer in positivity, acceptance, and love for all people. The four bandmates have been friends for a long time and all the friends and brothers via AWSW have brought has only made them closer like a tight-knit family. AWSW has played all over our North East region with bands like Attila, All That Remains, Secrets, Silent Planet, Escape the Fate, and many more bands we look up to. The main goal as a band is to build a community for their listeners to feel like they can be heard. Making friends with like-minded individuals, creating great music to rock out to, and building a strong commu

TITVN Release New Single "Unholy Beast (The Revenant)"

  TITVN is a 5 piece metalcore band based out of Sacramento Ca, who is influenced by classic metalcore bands such as Killswitch Engage and Bullet For My Valentine, but with a modern flair. The band have just unleashed their new single “Unholy Beast (The Revenant)”. “Unholy Beast” is about the confrontation between two characters from the popular video game “Apex Legends”. The lyrics were inspired by the point of view of the character Revenant and what he faces when going against Loba, the female character that is out for revenge against him for murdering her family. The instrumental aspect of the song was driven to be fast, heavy and make listeners feel the anger that Loba feels throughout her journey of having Revenant's voice stuck in her head and seeing him all around her. Check out the single and video below: For more on TITVN visit:

The Difference Between Release Haunting New Single "Cold Comfort"

  Ever since their respective bands toured together in 2017, guitarist Chris Wethington (of Softspoken) and drummer Cody Frain (of A Scent Like Wolves) entertained the idea of writing together in a new project. Four years later, after touring across the world, racking up millions of streams, and releasing Billboard charting albums separately, their ideas and talents have come together to create the perfect blend of progressive metalcore grooves and beautifully dissonant melodies. Giving a voice to the music is Chris Roberts - the original vocalist of (formerly) post-hardcore band Emarosa (then also known as Corsets are Cages). Roberts played a large part in writing the first versions of most of the songs that would end up on Emarosa's breakout EP "This is Your Way Out", but parted ways with the band to see success in two other regional acts (The Revival Sound, Take Me Home) before taking a break from performing. Having shared the stage with Roberts while in his first band

Gothic Metal Act Malacoda Announce New EP 'The Year Walk'

  Originally a recording project of multi-instrumentalist and music producer Lucas Di Mascio, Malacoda has persevered and grown throughout the years. Now a trio, the band is ready to unleash the conclusion to their trilogy of EP's that was written and recorded before the pandemic. Embark on the Year Walk.... 'The Year Walk' is the third EP Malacoda will release in 2021. Four more songs which build upon the band's symphonic sound first explored on 2016's Ritualis Aeterna. Long time collaborator Michael Farina returns to play drums on select tracks, as well as Ryan Claxton (Tulip, Living Dead Girl) and Andrew Suarez (ex-The Slyde). The haunting album cover was made by the extremely talented Stefan Skjoedt. Featuring Gabriel Guardiola (Immortal Guardian) on the track Beaten Path as well as a stellar mixing and mastering job by Jeramie Kling (The Absence, Inhuman Condition, Venom Inc.), The Year Walk encompasses everything the band sought to achieve with this direction

MATRIARCHS Unleash Explosive New Single/Video "Ascendancy"

  By having a well-defined background in the U.S. Metalcore/Hardcore scene MATRIARCHS wants to strengthen its position with every song they release. 'Ascendancy' is the first song of this explosive puzzle called "The Shape Of C#nts To Come". The effervescent combination of both NU-Metal and Metalcore elements only adds points to the technicality chapter that makes you think of new expressions less explored by the band. However, it does not overshadow or alleviate the aggressiveness and constructive dynamics MATRIARCHS has displayed so far. 'Ascendancy' is an explosive introduction to what MATRIARCHS' sound will be heading. It remains to see. Anyhow, this first chapter will make you want to browse and listen to all the other songs that will follow. 'Ascendancy' VIDEO: MATRIARCHS is a metallic hardcore band formed by Ben Levi (Cutthroat, Fate Destroyed) in Los Angeles in 2012, inspired by his affinity for Beat Down and

Sunflower Dead Re-Imagines The Classic INXS 1987 Hit "Never Tear Us Apart"

  Sunflower Dead, the infectious active rock band from Long Beach, CA, has released a new song “Never Tear Us Apart” today. A cover of the 1987 hit by INXS. The song is also the third single from the band’s upcoming fourth album March Of The Leper, due out March 2022. Michael Del Pizzo on why they are covering this particular song "SFD really doesn’t like doing covers. I guess we are too lazy to learn how others correctly play their songs which is funny because our new cover of INXS’ Never Tear Us Apart is our second cover in 4 albums. Go figure! We did The Police’s Every Breath You Take on our debut album and to this day it remains one of our most requested songs and it had no radio play, no video and no promotion. For us to do a cover we have to completely rewrite our way. To do that, we have to be inspired by some kind of killer idea (in our heads at least) in a direction to take the song. With Never Tear Us Apart, we started talking about doing this back in 2014 because w


  Metal Rocka Recording stars Enquire Within had a mighty album launch night at The Black Heart Camden last week playing through their second album ReBirth. The London metalheads are fast building a reputation as the go-to band for live music, so much so that Hard Rock Hell are delighted to announce the band will be playing the main stage at Hammerfest 13 at the O2 Birmingham on 12 February 2022. "We are thrilled to be playing the main stage at Hammerfest 2022. We have a lot of live events planned for 2022 and tour dates will be announced very soon." Enquire Within are a band that completely own their craft. Their dedication and perfectionism shines through their slick mixing and mastery, providing a full sound oozing of pure rock goodness! Vocalist Jacob also says “ReBirth reflects how Dan and Henry’s song writing has evolved since we released our debut album Bloodlines in 2019. The music is heavier and has an explosive mixture of metalcore and thrash. Amelia’s more extreme