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Interview - Steve Dickson - The Man Behind Mammothfest! Read details of the future of the festival!

  Check out my interview with the man that made MammothFest happen up on Burning Fist here:      Me and Steve Dickson at MammothFest, Brighton 2014! Bring on Mammothfest 2015! Read details on future of festival in interview!     Special Thanks for Burning Fist for putting interview up on their site and be sure to check out all the other content on there!     

My Live Review: MammothFest 2014 on Burning Fist!

Check out my review of Mammothfest 2014 on Burning Fist! Thanks to Jason Webster & everyone at Burning Fist for putting up my article! Be sure to check out Burning Fist & all the other brilliant content!!

Collisions Interview - MammothFest, Breakout Fest & Debut Album!

Photo by Me - Taken after interview I caught up with Ollie (singer/programmer) and Andy (guitarist/backing vocals) of electronic metal band, Collisions who hail from Brighton UK, at the return of Brighton's dedicated Metal festival, MammothFest 2014. So they discuss Mammothfest and it's importance to Brighton, along with another new Brighton Festival, Breakout Festival, which they are due to play on the 27th September 2014 and their upcoming new album which is due for release at the end of this year..   Ok we are here today at MammothFest, So hailing from Brighton, how important do you think the rebirth of MammothFest is for the Brighton and South East music scene, especially as your from Brighton? Ollie: I think it's really great for the scene, there hasn't been an incredible amount on I personally feel, really sort of going on for rock/metal really recently, so it's really nice to see something actually happening and taking place. Well behind Steve

Mammothfest 2014 Review: Planet Loud TV

Mammothfest 2014 Review For Planet Loud TV     Check out the day one review of Mammothfest in Brighton here: Check out my review on Planet Loud TV of day two of Mammothfest:

Abhorrent Decimation Interview 2014 - Inside lies exclusive news!!

Abhorrent Decimation Performing at MammothFest 2014 - Ashley Scott (Photo Credit to Ajit Dutta at Raid Studios) So we arrive at the return of MammothFest's in Brighton after its four year break and I catch up with one of the bands playing later today on the first opening day of the festival, Death Metallers, Abhorrent Decimation. Having interviewed Ashley before this time round we dig deeper and discuss events more in depth, so I met up with vocalist, Ashley Scott and also drummer, Matt Doubleday just down the road from the Mammothfest venue to speak about the festival, the bands Bloodstock appearance and their anticipated debut album due to be released next year! They were even kind enough to give me a exclusive bit of exciting information regarding their debut, so read to find out!!.. So the reason we are here today, is because of the rebirth of Mammothfest Today, how excited are you to be playing later on and to be part of this crucial event for Brighton? Ashley: Yea