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Swedish Metal Band InSammer Release Single "Vampires"

  ‘Vampires’ by INSAMMER, is out now and available for streaming and downloading on all major platforms. The track is taken from the band's upcoming third full-length album, due in November 2021. The video for "Vampires" is premiered on August, 30 via YouTube. Directed by famous Turkish director Can Katipzade, the clip features frontwoman Vika in a role of a super-agent on a mission somewhere around the drug dealer’s mafia (starring all band members). Vika says: ‘Vampires’ is a very strong but yet very passionate track. Throughout the pandemic, me and Dennis were writing a lot of dark, philosophic meaning songs. We tried to write openly about the ups and downs of our lives. All of us are living in a world of illusions and lies, we betray and kill each other just to get a wealthy life. ‘Vampires’ is not a single about medieval horror blood stories but about everyday life with all the sh*t we face on TV, the Internet, magazines. Powerful riffs, heavy guitars and head crash

BRANDON BOYD releases "Petrichor"

  As a multi-disciplinary artist, Brandon Boyd uses all his senses to create. On his latest single, “Petrichor,” he highlights a sense seldom used in music as a metaphor… “I come from a place in the world where the sun is almost always shining, and as wonderful as that is, it does carry with it a kind of bias towards happiness and a constant stress around well being,” Brandon explains. “The irony of course is that it’ll drive you crazy trying to be happy all of the time. There is wisdom in sadness and grief, the kind of things we glean from “walking through the valley” can’t be replicated by merely speaking or reading about them, we need to be sad sometimes and enter darkened spaces in order to be more fully realized people. When it rains in Southern California, it’s such a rare event that it almost feels like we’re being invited to embrace the dark, weep for what is lost, and then emerge new and washed clean of those old feelings that were stuck on us and starting to rot in the punis

RIVIA Announces Their New Single ‘Wasted’ Exploring Motivation and Life Choices

  RIVIA are back with a bang, announcing their fourth independent single release, "Wasted". A song tackling the regret of not achieving your full potential. Everyone faces setbacks, especially musicians, and especially during the past 18 months. The boys in RIVIA are no exception, after their 2020 UK tour was cancelled, RIVIA has since released ‘Amsterdam’ alongside the Liverpool based independent label Big Condo Records. Now, the four lads from Liverpool announce their newest release, "Wasted". Taking the disappointment and frustration they felt after the tour cancellation, this is a song about striving to push for your greatest potential, especially when you feel like you have missed your chance to achieve it. Chris Ellis, 23, drummer, said “This song is for everyone who has decided to give up on music, or is thinking about it. Don’t! Please stick at it, too many people are leaving the industry”. Matt Sloan, 24, singer, rhythm guitarist and founding member of the

Hammerfest 14 is back in Great Yarmouth with Grave Digger, Primordial, Candlemass, Holocaust & Acid Reign for its 14th Round

  You asked, we provided. Hammerfest XIV is ready to rip its way through Great Yarmouth for its 14th run of some of the best Doom, Metal and Hardcore artists who are masters of their musical craft. By absolute fan demand, we are delighted to announce a return to the Whale Road where we take Hammerfest back to the heart of the "Angles" tribes and heartland (aka Camp HRH Great Yarmouth), where we create a sword storm and smash our shield walls together for a total metal mash-up of genres with more curveballs and surprises than anything else we do in the metal world! Hammerfest XIV is a must, as the last nine years have seen it sell out before the end of the current event, 9 months in advance! It's a metal maelstrom, it's the most popular and fastest-selling metal event we do. Even more, it's what everyone has asked us to do, during that Covid Blip. You don't wanna miss this will be the biggest and craziest yet! Hammerfest XIV goes to another level as we

Dig Lazarus release new music video for 'Time Froze' featuring Ally Dickaty of The Virginmarys

  Dig Lazarus have premiered a new music video for 'Time Froze' which features Ally Dickaty of The Virginmarys. This latest news proceeds the alt-rock trio's new album launch show this December with special guests SKAM and an acoustic set by Ally. Watch 'Time Froze' (official music video): “When writing the track ‘Time Froze’ we could hear Ally’s voice on the track, so when he agreed to record it for our new album we were over the moon. Supporting The Virginmarys on their recent UK tour was an absolute blast and a dream come true. The highlight was probably having Ally join us on stage to perform the song in Birmingham. Opening up for our favourite band every night was an absolute pleasure, we’ve so much love and respect for them. Having two incredible artists, SKAM and Ally, be special guests for our end of year album launch show in Leicester is amazing, it’s going to be an incredible last hurrah for 2021!” Buy tickets for Dig Lazarus / SKAM / Ally Dickaty live a

Malacoda Releases Lyric Video For "The Year Walk"

  Malacoda has released their brand new lyric video "The Year Walk". Check out the video below: Malacoda adds - "The Year Walk gives a good glimpse as to what the rest of this EP is about. It's aggressive, ridiculously over the top, and really friggin' dark. This is probably my favourite of all the songs we've released this year. Working with Michael Farina again behind the kit on this song was great- he always brings wacky ideas to the table that we have to try." Releasing December 3rd 2021 Dark Symphonic Metal Originally a recording project of multi-instrumentalist and music producer Lucas Di Mascio, Malacoda has persevered and grown throughout the years. Now a trio, the band is ready to unleash the conclusion to their trilogy of EP's that was written and recorded before the pandemic. Embark on the Year Walk.... EP Details: The Year Walk is the third EP Malacoda will release in 2021. Four more songs which build upon the band's symphonic sound