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Back On Earth Release New Music Video 'Somebody Else'

Back On Earth’s brand new track 'Somebody Else' brings you all the emo vibes that you were missing from the 2000s era. That song will definitely become the soundtrack of your Summer. There’s a nostalgic aura in the sound, carried by the haunting voice of Clément. The chorus will get in your head instantly, as an anthem to move forward after hitting a point of no return.
'Somebody Else' is the 4th release of Back On Earth since their 2019 comeback. While previous tracks 'Youth' and 'Save Me' were produced respectively by Beau Burchell and Bertrand Poncet, this new song was produced by Federico Telesca who they have worked with on their previous single ‘Until Tonight’. Through this song, you can hear their influences such as Jimmy Eat World, Angels and Airwaves or The Dangerous Summer. The band is adding another side to its eclecticism and manages to carry you during their emotional journey.
Check out the video for 'Somebody Else' below:


Conquer Divide Return With New Song & Video "Chemicals"

Metalcore act Conquer Divide released their self-titled debut back in 2015 then since 2018 the band went quiet but now they are back with new single and video 'Chemicals'.
Check out 'Chemicals' below:

 "We know everyone's been dying to hear what we've been up to, and the short answer is that we had just taken a bit of a break to focus on our personal lives. We had a lot of time to reflect on what direction we wanted to go in next. I think collectively our musical tastes have all evolved. We still wanted to feel heavy and anthemic but it was important for us to step outside of our comfort zone moving forward," the band, which accumulated over 20 millions streams of its debut album, explains.

About the new track, which was produced by Joey Sturgis and Tyler Smyth, the band shares, "'Chemicals' is about addiction from the perspective of an artist. More often than not, addiction can get swept under the rug or is almost encouraged in some circum…

LAANG release new single and lyric video

Laang 冷 (meaning “cold” in Chinese) has released the debut single “我的漂浮屍體” (meaning “My Floating Corpse”) from their upcoming second album “Xinteng” (Sadness, loss) in the form of a lyric video. The music of Laang is based on the horrifying visions seen during a near-death experience of frontman Yang Haitao while medically dead. While the subject matter of the first album “Haiyang” (Ocean) primarily explored feelings of terror, Haitao reports that “Xinteng” will be strongly focused on the melancholic and depressive overtones of life after death.

“我的漂浮屍體” gives a first glimpse at the new music of Laang’s second album “Xinteng”. “Xinteng” will be released worldwide on Austria’s Talheim Records in both physical and digital formats.
Check out the new single and lyric video below:

For more on LAANG:

Bleed Again Release New Single & Video 'Survive'

Metalcore quintet Bleed Again from Brighton UK are back with new single and video for 'Survive'. This is an exciting, hard-hitting and infectiously catchy metal anthem.

Check out the video for 'Survive' below:

For more on Bleed Again:

REVIEW: Elimination - 'Of Gods & Beasts' EP

Elimination are a 3 piece thrash metal act hailing from Suffolk UK who formed back in 2007. They released their debut album two years later “Destroyed By Creation” which opened up many doors for the band and led to a quick release of their sophomore album "The Blood Of Titans' which was supported by a UK tour with Evile as well as festival appearances at the likes of Hammerfest. The band had a hiatus back in 2012 and returned in 2018 with a new line-up and now in 2020 they are ready to wreak havoc once again with their upcoming EP 'Of Gods & Beasts'...

Opening track 'In The Name Of Violence' is blistering and insane throughout with effective and powerful group chants and soaring guitars, a great demanding and powerful start to the EP.
'The Return' showcases immediate crushing guitars and a sense of urgency but has a more optimistic and hopeful sound than the opener and a highly skilled solo to top it off, another boastful thrash metal offering.

SURVIVE To Release Single "The Road to Hell is Paved by Goodwill" Ft. Tony "Demolition Man" Dolan + New Version For "Rules of Lies"

Tokyo based “Samurais from Hell”, SURVIVE - active in the world for over 20 years - have announced a new limited digital single "The Road to Hell is Paved by Goodwill", coming out August 31st. The single is featured by VENOM INC's Tony "Demolition Man" Dolan.

Watch the trailer here:

Furthermore SURVIVE have re-recorded a new version for "Rules of Lies" which was included in "Human Misery" album (2015), coming out also on August 31st.

Just recently SURVIVE have released their first two Episode movies of the band’s history, in case you missed them, watch below.
#1 -
#2 -

Also check out SURVIVE's guitar playthrough video for “Wrath”, watch here:

As previously announced, SURVIVE were forced to postpone their 2020 UK and Baltic tour (March 18th – April 4th), due to Coronavirus pandemic. The tour will be rescheduled to October 2020. …


UK based hard rock trio Wolf Jaw drop brand new lyric video 'Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda' to mark the one year anniversary that saw their van and equipment stolen which prevented them from finishing their UK tour.

The tragic event saw fans from all over unite and set up a page to help them. This video is a tribute to those people. The video also shows the journey of Wolf Jaw and how the band have progressed from playing small clubs and pubs to the notable Download Festival, an achievement that many bands can only ever dream of!

The track comes from their 2019 album The Heart Won't Listen.

"This song was was written about the theft of our van last year, it was also the first song musically that was written for 'The Heart Won't Listen" but also the last to get lyrics. When the van was stolen along with all of our gear we had a huge outpouring of support, it was incredible really all the offers of help, gear loans, messages from far and wide. There was also a cr…