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Belgian sludge metal band La Nausée release their first single ‘SPLIT’ & lyric video

  In January 2021 sludge metal band La Nausée released their first single ‘SPLIT’, accompanied by a lyric video. The video can be found here: La Nausée on the song ‘SPLIT’: ‘This song is about where we can place ourselves in this world, in this life. The force of nature is unparalleled. The mind is too small to grasp the whole picture. Essence precedes existence, but not for us. We are to decide our state of being and make ourselves whole.’ ‘For this song we teamed up with Stef Exelmans to do the mix and master and we really like the result. He did an awesome job in the past recording the latest TURPENTINE VALLEY and BEAR albums and we knew immediately that he was the man we wanted to work with.’ ‘The artwork was made by Kacper Gilka Art who is an amazingly talented illustrator from Poland and we love his work and felt a connection between the song and the art so that was an easy choice.’ -Future releases: -The song SPLIT will be featured on the 21st ed

Canada’s Juliet Ruin Blast Off 2021 with New Single "Cosmic Vertigo"

  Hailing from Edmonton, Canada, metallers Juliet Ruin are sharing their next single and second off their forthcoming EP “Dark Water” scheduled for release in 2021. Entitled "Cosmic Vertigo", the track is an inspiring and fun continuation of the band diving into heavier, djenty melodic metal. With low tuned guitars and vocals that will certainly shock old fans and draw in new ones as frontwoman Jess’ work in the screaming department is apparent throughout. This EP does not have any backing vocalists as its predecessor due to the massive improvements Jess made in her harsh vocal techniques. Following the band's 2019 album “Old Stardust, Love and Chaos”, Juliet Ruin's new EP will offer up a harder-edge, but catchy experience with lyrics that fans can shout in anger, but also lean on with its positive message as a whole. The band adds: "This EP was born of the desire among the members to create a recording with what we consider the true lineup after having a member

VIS MYSTICA Release New Star Wars Themed Power Metal Single “Whispering Winds of Fate” ft. guest vocals by Dragonland’s Jonas Heidgert

  Offering escapism from everyday life, Vis Mystica transports listeners into a fantastical world of magical powers and epic stories with their Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic inspired power metal. Along with taking great influence from other bands, they possess a style that is unique and holds its own in the power metal landscape. Their 2021 album “Celestial Wisdom” is a fantastical journey into a world full of mystic powers and sprawling landscapes, with a classic ‘Good vs. Evil’ battle and many memorable locations and detailed stories. The band shared their third single “Whispering Winds of Fate” off the forthcoming record. The track is a guide for listeners to the main world Tython where the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic story takes place. Tython is a terrestrial planet located in the galaxy’s Deep Core region that is shrouded in myth. The Martyrium of Frozen Tears built by Jedi there and some Jedi scholars made the case that Tython was the site of the Jedi Order’s


  RICHMOND, VA - Ferocious riffs set the metalcore sound on fire for SEASONS and their latest video-single "Killing Season". The vicious lyrics and scorching performance give "Killing Season" its complete story. "Killing Season" was written from the perspective of Jason of Friday the 13th's franchise. The latest instalment, Friday the 13th: Vengence 2, will be released in the fall of 2021. "Killing Season" is sliced and ready to let you bang your head and it is here to make you scream! Check out the video below for "Killing Season": "This song was written from the perspective of the fictional masked murderer Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th franchise. The song is loaded with references to different aspects of Jason and events that happen to the character throughout the movie franchise. We are very excited and proud to say that the song will be featured on the soundtrack for the movie Friday the 13th: Vengeance 2. This

Celeb Car Crash release new single "Down to the Core"

  Celeb Car Crash have released "Down to the Core", a new single mixed by Riccardo "Paso" Pasini at Studio73 and Mastered at La Maestà Studio by Giovanni Versari (Muse, Afterhours ...) “Down to the Core”: There are people and feelings that we can feel even without seeing them, without touching them. They are invisible but present. We recognize the effects, in a frantic search we try to understand the dichotomy of our thinking: Rational, Irrational. Potential and Reality. Is this what we really want for ourselves? After all, we are probably only what we know. The piece freely draws inspiration from CHRISTINA ROSSETTI's Poem Who Has Seen the Wind? Who has seen the wind? Neither I nor you: But when the leaves hang trembling, The wind is passing through. Who has seen the wind? Neither you nor I: But when the trees bow down their heads, The wind is passing by. This is the fifth single and video released by the band which will be included in the album "The World

Rock/Metal Artist Robert Navajas Shares New Single 'Clouds'

  Rock/Metal artist Robert Navajas from Spain has released a new single and official visualizer for 'Clouds'. As always, the song was written, recorded and produced by Robert and was impressively mastered by Brett Caldas Lima (Megadeth). Listen to the song below: Listen on Spotify: si=PpamefhDRr2knoJO9ckH5g For more from Robert Navajas visit:

Zero Theorem Kick Off 2021 With Release Of The Killing II EP

  Los Angeles based Zero Theorem are continuing their momentum from 2020 with the release of new EP ‘ The Killing II’ , now available worldwide. The band combines existential lyrics about the human experience with blistering instrumentation. The group follows the lead of bands such as Tool and Primus by creating an entire universe of sound and light for fans to explore. The band teamed with renowned producer Kane Churko (Five Finger Death Punch, In This Moment, Ozzy Osbourne, Papa Roach) on the EP and new focus track ‘ Joke ”. Vocalist Caesar says of ‘Joke’: “The song reflects the illusory nature of the self, both in cyberspace and the physical world. No one is entirely what they may think or claim to be, even the most insightful among us. Moreover, today's technological trends and social platforms seem to have amplified our tendency toward self-delusion." He continues: "Maintaining a healthy sense of humility and open-mindedness can be challenging under more traditio

Brazen Bull Release Album Details

  Fast-rising rockers Brazen Bull, a youthful band from East Anglia, are set to release the details of their debut album, the aptly titled ‘Brazen Bull’. The band mix a classic and modern rock sound with heavy metal edges; in their music the band have created a unique sound that is palatable for both rock and heavy metal fans. Since their inception in 2018 the band have already had some big successes with support slots alongside HigherOn Maiden, Atorc and Renegade Twelve. Following this, the band hooked up with Raoul Crane of Blaze Studios to get to work on their debut album, the self-titled ‘Brazen Bull’.Brazen Bull released the first single, ‘Angel’s Nails’, in November 2020, to which they had a very positive reaction from fans and gathered over 5000 streams through Spotify and other streaming services. The band then released their second single ‘Stray Wolf’ in December. Tracklisting 1. Angel’s Nails 2. Collapse 3. In the Interest of Humanity 4. Pactin Blood 5


  THE HISTORY UK's Extreme Metal group Ghosts Of Atlantis are pleased to debut their cinematic journey for next track of their debut The bands sound is an epic Journey for the listener, full of beautiful melodies, backed up by a crushing assault with emotive lyrics. Building the lore around the mythology of ancient Greece and Atlantis, GOA delivers it's own story, a story weaving both historic findings and fantasy storytelling. The album begins with the track "The Third Pillar" This first track ties in with the band’s Three Pillar logo, and sets the tone. The bands debut album entitled will be out March 26th worldwide via Black Lion Records on CD/LP/Digital THE STORY "The third Pillar" tells the tale of the great pilgrimage by the Atlantean people. The path to the Lemuiran Halls are treacherous, Blinded by belief, the people embark across the lands. The ultimate goal, to reach the Three Pillars, it is said that the pillars are the sole point

Children Of The Atom Release Cover Song Of 'Mississippi Queen'

  Children Of The Atom are a Psyfi/Stoner Rock band who have an interesting unique sound by combining elements of classic Heavy Metal, Punk, Thrash, Space Rock, and Funk. The band have recently released a cover song of the popular classic rock song 'Mississippi Queen' originally done by American rock band Mountain. Check out their great version below: Instagram: @childrenofatomband

Goodbye Goni Release New Video For 'Stonebreaker'

  GOODBYE GONI, otherwise understood as “goodbye genesis” dives us in intimate confrontations through a feverish and powerful sound. After having worked on several projects together, it is the love of rock that brought those three childhood friends together to create Goodbye Goni during an Irish tour back in 2018. The band is composed of Marc Chaillet writing the lyrics and at the guitar, Enzo Derlon on bass and piano, and Felix Bourgeois at the drums. The album Cosmogony came out of the encounter of two completely different universes: the young and promising sound engineer Perceval Carré (Polo & Pan, l’Impératrice) and music industry’s monument Kenneth Ploquin (Alain Bashung, -M-). It’s between the buzzing Parisian studios - with Antonin Boisadan (Alice et moi) - and the waves of Saint-Jean de Luz - in the mythical QuikSilver studio - that this first album is conceived. 10 titles will be composed and 8 selected allowing us to navigate between dreamy ballads, gripping guitar riffs

ICON FOR HIRE Release Futuristic New Video For Single 'Last One Standing'

  Rock duo Icon For Hire from Decatur, Illinois has just unveiled an awesome new futuristic video for single 'Last One Standing'. The video premiered earlier today at RockSound and can be seen below also: The single is taken from their fourth upcoming self-released album 'Amorphous' which is released 19 February 2021.  The tracklist for 'Amorphous' is: 01. Prelude - Brittle 02. Brittle 03. Curse Or Cure 04. Enemies 05. Panic Attacks 06. Seeds 07. Interlude- Thirteen 08. Background Sad 09.Last One Standing 10. Waste My Hate 11. Interlude - Impossibles & Obstacles 12. Sticks And Stones 13. Warrior 14. Only Be A Story The band have released two other single/videos which you can see below for 'Seeds' and 'Curse Or Cure':   For more on Icon For Hire: Band Links: Website -   Facebook -   Twitter -   Instagram -


  Montreal, Québec - Hot on the success of their cover of FAITH NO MORE'S legendary 1987 single " We Care A Lot ," SLAVES ON DOPE's Jason Rockman and Kevin Jardine, along with Bill Kelliher of MASTODON, are back with their project, THE KINGS OF QUARANTINE, this time with a brilliant cover of JANE'S ADDICTION'S iconic 1987 "Mountain Song." The new video features a myriad of artists including Wes Borland (LIMP BIZKIT), Tanner Wayne (IN FLAMES), P-Nut (311), Louise Post (VERUCA SALT), Richard Patrick (FILTER) and, Bert McCracken (THE USED). One hundred percent of the profits for "Mountain Song" will be donated to ROADIE RELIEF , a fundraising effort to aid qualifying Roadies who have submitted an application for financial help during the Covid-19 crisis. THE KINGS OF QUARANTINE came together in 2020 after a discussion between Jason and Bill about possibly collaborating on a cover song. "Mountain Song" is the second installment in

Blackened Death Metallers Saille announce new album V

  SAILLE's fifth album V will be out April 9 2021 CD/Digital via Black Lion Records Playing Black Metal/Blackened Death Metal, SAILLE built a firm reputation for their impressive live performances on festivals all over Europe in the past years. SAILLE is a five-piece, with members residing in The Netherlands, Spain and Belgium. The fifth full-length album of SAILLE, entitled ‘V’, is another landmark in the band’s existence. After a rough period of time, SAILLE felt the need for a dramatic make-over, seeking a deeper darkness, both live and in the studio. Visually and sound wise SAILLE improved immense and a new frontman from the Netherlands was announced. Jesse Peetoom is two metres of charisma, musical talent and vocal power. It’s time for ‘V’, which release date has been set on April 9th, 2021 to be released by Black Lion Records, Sweden. Artwork was drawn by French artist Vincent Fouquet of Above Chaos. (Inquisition/Tsjuder/Kataklysm). Lyrically SAILLE deals with ‘The fearful, t

KING OF THE DEAD Release New Single 'Destroy My Name'

  King of the Dead are a band that are not afraid to be bold. The 3 piece Horror Rock band are a celebration of the macabre and the weird. The music is anthemic and dark (think 30 Seconds To Mars meets Ghost) with driving guitars and soaring vocals. Debut single "Control" was the first of a 5 song story about sacrifice, possession and the occult. The radio success of Control has earnt them several plays on BBC Introducing and is only the beginning of the world domination (frontman) Shah is plotting. So now we have the second instalment of sacrifice from King of the Dead with 'DESTROY MY NAME'. A 3-minute high energy punk rock ripper with King of the Dead's signature soaring vocal from Shah. Destroy My Name has echos of Alkaline Trio spliced together with the strong melodic sensibility of GHOST. The musicianship from within the three mysterious fellows of King of the Dead should not be overlooked either, it's clear that not only the subject matter and themeing

Alexi Laiho Tribute Video Posted by Members of Immortal Guardian, Helion Prime, Oceans of Slumber

  The metal world was shocked and saddened earlier this week by the news of the passing of metal guitar legend, Children of Bodom's Alexi Laiho. As one of the most influential guitarists of his generation, the loss of his unquestionable impact is felt around the globe by metal musicians who he inspired. Members of Immortal Guardian are just a few of those who admired and were impacted by Laiho's musical leadership. In recognition of his monumental career and effect on them as fans and songwriters, Immortal Guardian guitarist Gabriel Guardian, vocalist Carlos Zema and drummer Justin Piedimonte along with friends Mary Zimmer (Helion Prime), Semir Özerkan (Oceans of Slumber), and Rex VanCandy are sharing a tribute video covering Children of Bodom's track "Downfall". Gabriel Guardian comments: "This is our tribute to one of the greatest metal guitar players who ever lived: Alexi Laiho. This man influenced me in ways no other guitar player ever has. Alexi set the

Back On Earth Release New Music Video 'Back Home'

  Paris-based band Back On Earth start the year with a new video for "Back Home", carrying a strong and rallying message. Much more than a lyrics video, each phrase is revealed by several people, featuring the special appearance of different bands from the French and international scene, who participated in the video, such as Eskemo, Romain Ughetto or Onlap. Between these shots, we can see the members of Back On Earth going about their activities in today's world, punctuated by the different lockdowns. "Back Home" is one of the tracks off the EP "Brand New Day" released last November, and follows the latest single of the same name, a duet with Telltale, which had previous support from Spotify's All New Rock and Frog 'n' Roll editorial playlists. This melancholic single is an ode to this need to escape the heavy atmosphere that has been surrounding us for almost a year, but also to the importance of staying united. Although 2020 has been a s

Celeb Car Crash release new single "Divine"

  Celeb Car Crash today release "Divine", a new single mixed by Riccardo "Paso" Pasini at Studio73 and Mastered at La Maestà Studio by Giovanni Versari (Muse, Afterhours ...) "Divine": Despite the physical and inner beauty of your counterpart, if you travel at different speeds it is difficult to find each other, even if there is affection and there has been love. What remains is that person's smile. We separate and usually, we are always the last to understand the exact moment in which the real separation took place. This is the fourth single and video released by the band which will be included in the album "The World Is Busy, Try Again Later" due out for the Zeta Factory on April 16, 2021. The Visualizer like all Celeb Car Crash visual production is curated by Erika Errante. Artwork by Martino Neri Watch video here: Band Information: Label: Zeta Factory Instagram: https://ww

FALLEN ARISE Release Official Lyric Video For “Forever Winter”

  Athens based Symphonic Metallers FALLEN ARISE have released a new official lyric video for the song “Forever Winter”, taken from their latest album “Enigma” which was released on April 10th, 2020 via Rock Of Angels Records (ROAR). Watch the lyric video here:   Created by: Haris Kountouris, HK Visual Creations - On this new offering, the band wanted their music to sound as contemporary as possible, but at the same time to remain faithful to their melodic/symphonic roots. The main part of the overall arrangement and recordings took place in Athens, at Soundflakes Recording Studios with John Mcris being a close associate of the band and the sound engineer for the main body of this new work. Part of the recordings took place at the Rock Factory Studios in Siena, Italy by Nikos Zannis and Davide Fatemi as sound engineers. The mixing process took place at Hell’s Kitchen Recording Studio with John Mcris as mixing e