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TOLOACHE Release New Single/Video “Watching Close”

  TOLOACHE are a Switzerland/UK based progressive metal band named after a plant famously used during mystical rituals by Mexican shamans known for its intense hallucinations. Inspired by such ancient spiritual wisdom, the band took on the name to embrace the, likewise, ‘hallucinatory’ complex arrangements that progressive metal is associated with. Not only that, they connect with the name on a spiritual level too, their UK-based singer Andrina having been brought up in a Swiss forest surrounded by witchcraft, tarot and crystals. Their latest single is the deeply dark “Watching Close” which is released across all download and streaming platforms on 10th September 2021. TOLOACHE are determined to push the boundaries of rock music with dizzying, hypnotic metal guitar riffs and soft vocals with an edge. The band formed in 2020, when singer Andrina Travers, previously the vocalist in the band Underskin and well known for her widely successful musical career in Switzerland and Germany, star

Riley Hell Releases New Trap Metal Single "Let's Go Kill Someone Tonight"

  Some may be wondering what trap metal is? Riley Hell is a trap metal project out of the Seattle area in the US. It is a blend of rap/hip-hop beats with death metal vocals. For fans of Ghostemane, Scarlxrd, and City Morgue. Riley Hell has just unleashed a new song, "Let's Go Kill Someone Tonight". If you want to hear something out of the norm, listen below: For more on Riley Hell:

Monosphere Release New Song feat. The Hirsch Effekt "I Am In Control, Pt. I"

  With the band‘s music video for "The Puppeteer“ , they not only showcased their new style but also revealed a visually appealing narrative around the character of “The Puppeteer”. With “I Am In Control, Pt. I” the story continues, accompanied by another animated music video. Check out the video for "I Am In Control, Pt. I': Groovy, heavy and catchy at the same time – one never experienced Monosphere as extreme, as on this track. “I Am In Control, Pt. I” culminates the different influences of the band into one shape: In between post-black metal, technical death metal and contrasting prog metal, and thanks to an astounding vocal performance by The Hirsch Effekt singer Nils Wittrock, Monosphere offer a rhythmically focused, modern mathcore sound, combined with catchy prog metal elements that might remind some of Between The Buried And Me or Devin Townsend Project. “’I Am In Control, Pt. I’ is the first part of a three-part opus and probably the best song we've

MuddiBrooke Release 'Liverpool Guy' Music Video

  Rising alt-rock/grunge trio MuddiBrooke have released a new music video for their latest single 'Liverpool Guy'. The track is taken from the Derby band's forthcoming debut ep 'Lunacy' which is out 22nd October and available to pre-order now. Ahead of the release of 'Lunacy', MuddiBrooke have announced a series of live dates to promote the new release. MuddiBrooke's new single is a spiralling twist of distortion and drive entwined by melody and social commentary of a different kind post lockdown. "'Liverpool Guy' could be seen as an anthem of the end of lockdown and being released from our, sometimes, comfortable prisons", says vocalist/guitarist Brooke. "Uncovering the lunatic side of life in confinement has revealed the reality of what it is to be human at the most challenging of times. The desire to be social animals, experience relationships of different kinds and live out who we really are is in sharp focus for many right n

VADER Announce Second Part of ‘De Profundis XXV’ Tour

  Polish death metal legends VADER, fresh from their first part of ‘De Profundis XXV’ European Tour, are now announcing the second part of the tour, kicking off in December 2021, supported by MONUMENT OF MISANTHROPY and guests. The band stated: “VADERMANIAX !!! Great news indeed \m/ We proudly announce the 2nd part of Vader tour celebrating reedition of "De Profundis" album and our last record "Solitude in Madness", organiazed again by Massive Music! This time we'll head to the South visiting Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia and Turkey. How about that?! ARE YOU READY?” DE PROFUNDIS XXV ALBUM REEDITION TOUR 2021 - part 2 VADER MONUMENT OF MISANTHROPY & GUESTS 07.12.2021 (POL) Krosno / Iron Klub 08.12.2021 (SK) Kosice / Coloseum 09.12.2021 (ROM) Cluj Napoca / FormSpace 10.12.2021 (ROM) Bucarest / Quantic Club 11.12.2021 (TUR) Istanbul / Tbc 12.12.2021 (BUL) Sofia / Mixtape 5 1