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Alternative rockers MAKENA unleash new single 'SM2009'

  Alternative rock outfit MAKENA has just released their new single  ‘SM2099’ , on the 26th February via Famined Records. With a new take on alternative music, Chicago natives Makena continue to increase their energy with every new release. The quintet are bringing the music scene a unique sound with exquisitely crafted songwriting. Check out the new song below: ‘SM2099’ is dynamic, refreshing and hard-hitting, especially with its emotive and relatable lyrics given the current state of the world and the pandemic, such as: "On my knees as I fall right to the floor will find a way Promise me we’ll find a way". It exudes a sense of helplessness and a hint of optimism in this high impact, well-composed offering.  The song can be stream at: For more on MAKENA visit: Twitter: @Makenaband Famined Records Website: ​ Facebook:

The Fiasco Release New Song 'Played Me At My Own Game'

Blending a love of alternative and pop/rock music. The Fiasco are an energetic four-piece pop/punk band from Wakefield, UK. Influenced heavily by 00s era pop/rock bands such as New Found Glory, The Offspring and Yellowcard, as well as bands including All Time Low, Daughtry, Luke Combs and You Me At Six. The Fiasco not only bring bundles of energy to their performance but have also nailed the art of writing a catchy, singalong pop/punk anthem which will no doubt catapult the band into the mainstream and ensure that 2021 is the year this band and not only releasing songs that grab the attention of their peers but also sharing the stage with many of the bands that they fiasco draw influence from. 'Played me at my own game' is an instant pop/punk classic that will have you bouncing around from the moment you press the play button.   Check out the lyric video for 'Played Me At My Own Game' below: 'Played Me At My Own Game' is vibrant, melodic and memorable. It


  THE DEV have released their hard-edged "Shameless Life": a reflective mirror that tells a story by a fusing that draws back the curtain to reveal itself through audio and visual presence. With edgy, intense guitar riffs, and a bass and drum line that gets the legs pumping, The Dev have created a dramatic melody, inspiring a passion and drive that produces a flare of theatrical and elaborate alternative hard rock. The Dev has taken "Shameless Life" to front and center; standing out unique to its own with eagerness to own the stage. Chris - “I really love the story behind this song and the way we artistically express the dichotomy of being in the music industry.” Barrett- “The music and arrangement is something that I love about this song. It has your heavy riffs you can thrash your head to, but with the simplicity of a pop style vocal performance and choruses along with storytelling lyrics that show the alternative side of the industry.” Ryan - “To me, this son

Los Angeles rock band Yard Of Blondes release 4th single 'Hummingbird', off upcoming album 'Feed The Moon'

  Los Angeles rock band Yard Of Blondes release 4th single 'Hummingbird', off the upcoming album 'Feed The Moon'. Produced by Billy Graziadei (Biohazard), mixed by Michael Patterson (Nine Inch Nails) The song already appears on editorial Spotify playlists 'All new rock'…   The 3 previous singles 'You and I & I', 'Lowland' and 'Do you need more?' are already played worldwide. 100% Indie again - Almost a year after the beginning of the pandemic the band had to part ways with the labels. With the pandemic hitting harder than anybody could expect, they couldn’t offer us what we needed from them, which was, at this pont, financial support and more exposure. And the album was being delayed again and again, we couldn’t stand it anymore. It was heartbreaking but we decided to reclaim our freedom. Fanny learned how to promote the band along the way. She is now a

CaveKiller Release New Single & Video For 'FILTH'

  CaveKiller formed in 2018 through a mutual interest in Metal and Hardcore. The bands objective from the outset was to forge a path between these two genres while trying to avoid the previously trodden ground. With 2 releases under their belt, the band has gigged extensively across the UK. CaveKiller are a 5 piece Hardcore/Metal crossover band from Derby and Nottingham. CaveKiller combine elements of Hardcore, thrash metal and elements of death metal and beatdown to create an aggressive, gritty and grimy sound. After releasing their debut EP Peace in Clarity a run of mini-tours saw CaveKiller play shows across the UK. Since the band's inception they have honed their sound and with a lineup change have developed a more coherent and well rounded sound and ideas. Releases to date include a 3 track demo and the EP “Peace in Clarity” & now have just unleashed single “FILTH” on 17/02/21.  Check out the sinister video for 'FILTH' below: 'FILTH' is raw,

HRH Prog XII Upgraded to a 3 Day, 2 Arena, 5 Star Residential Resort Featuring Tangerine Dream, The Earth Band, Pendragon plus 25 Progressive Wonders

  The light at the end of the tunnel has been spotted – and from that light emerges HRH Prog XII. The fans wanted it, the fans got it – the next chapter in HRH Prog’s long and illustrious history is to be a full-on no-holds-barred residential event, based at The 5 star Camp HRH resort in Great Yarmouth East Anglia, on the gorgeous East coast of England. Featuring a rare appearance by the legendary Tangerine Dream, and the welcome return of Pendragon, the lineup is one of the most unique and varied yet for HRH Prog. New talent hasn’t been overlooked either, with many of the bands never having performed at an HRH event before. Prog XII will be a 3 day, 2 arena showcase of the very best of progressive rock, both classic and new. As always for HRH Prog events, the lineup is based on a fan vote – with previous attendees able to express their prog preferences and the bookings closely matching their wishes. The fanbase didn’t let the side down and sure enough, the early access sales have

CELEB CAR CRASH Release "HOWL" New Live-Action Video

  The Zeta Factory has always been a place serving musicians and bands. This absurd period forced us to the umpteenth metamorphosis. We have dismantled part of our structure and created a soundstage for music videos and photoshoots ... hoping to be able to support the music in a time of great changes. The new Celeb Car Crash video “Howl” was shot in this new space:   "Howl", is the new single mixed by Riccardo "Paso" Pasini at Studio73 and Mastered at La Maestà Studio by Giovanni Versari (Muse, Afterhours ...) "Howl" represents the fight against windmills, the search for empathy of one’s neighbour, finding one's fellows and being able to find the way home. This is the sixth single and video released by the band which will be included in the album "The World Is Busy, Try Again Later" to be released by Zeta Factory on April 16, 2021. The video was edited by Celeb Car Crash with the precious collaboration of Robe

UK Metalcore newcomers NEXT STOP OLYMPUS prepare for a journey through the turmoil of Heart, Mind & Hell with new single ‘The Ignorance of Us’

Hailing from sleepy Salisbury, UK, NEXT STOP OLYMPUS are  about to cause a riot as colossal as their name might suggest, with  the release of new single ‘The Ignorance of Us’.  Mixing the heavy breakdowns and screaming vocals of Metalcore  with the intricate guitars and anthemic choruses of classic Rock n’  Roll, the band have crafted their own unique brand of Modern  metalcore, riddled with nostalgic vibes that will have you banging  your head and raising your horns to the sky! THE IGNORANCE OF US “Sometimes when words have failed you, all you have left is to scream. The Ignorance of Us is a reminder not to break yourself to fix another, with the desperation that comes with a splintered connection. The song follows the emotional journey through a relationship that is falling apart, with one side refusing to take any of the responsibility for their involvement in its demise! This song is all about release; the embodiment of frustration, anger and despair all in one massive punch of Ant

New Irish Rock Band, Future Lows Release Debut Song & Video 'Broken'

  Future Lows are a new Irish rock band that formed last year, and they have just released their debut song and video for 'Broken'. 'Broken' is melodic, passionate and memorable. A promising debut that leaves you eager to hear more.  Check out the video below: Listen/stream the single: For more on Future Lows:

ANCIENT SETTLERS Release Lyric Video For Latest Single 'Diamond Eyes'

  Spain/France -based Melodic Death Metallers ANCIENT SETTLERS have unleashed the lyric video for their first blasting single 'Diamond Eyes', taken from the band's debut EP “Autumnus”, coming out in February 2021. The video was edited by Gustavo Sazes the mastermind. Watch the lyric video here:   Stream and buy 'Diamond Eyes' on - Spotify: - iTunes Store link: ANCIENT SETTLERS was formed in 2020 by Rex Chiesa & Herman Riera (Ex-Haboryn), Rene González (Ex-Aesthesis), Emmy Reyes and Antony Hamäläinen (Meridian Dawn, Former Nightrage & Armageddon). The band tries to explore the frontiers of modern death metal, including some melodic and atmospheric tones. Regarding lyrics, the band found the inspiration in the recent tragedies that affects the earth and the human race, trying to encourag

SHADOWS (Immolation, Goreaphobia) Reveal New Track & EP details

  Hailing from Philadelphia, US, the newly launched avant-garde/doom metal quartet led by Alex Bouks (Immolation, Goreaphobia) and comprising former Goreaphobia musicians, has announced the details surrounding its self-titled EP, set for release on the 26th of February via Agonia Records. The band has unveiled a brand new single "Ghost Of Old" in anticipation of the material: SHADOWS is a new dark avant-garde metal band from Immolation and ex-Goreaphobia guitarist Alex Bouks, who brought other former Goreaphobia members to the table. As founding member of the Philadelphia death metal band Goreaphobia, Alex has been involved in the extreme underground music scene since the late 80’s. His technical style of aggressive, melodic guitar work has resulted in worldwide recognition, being a member of such acclaimed acts as Immolation, Incantation, Master, Ruinous and Funebrarum. Now Alex has returned to his musical roots in SHADOWS, with classic infl