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AENAON Reveals 'Psyche' Single & Music Video

  Hailing from Greece, progressive/experimental black metallers AENAON share third single and accompanying music video "Psyche", taken from the group's upcoming fourth studio album "Mnemosyne". The album will have its release on October 7th on Agonia Records. The music video is available at: "Six years have passed since our last album and we are thrilled to finally share our darkest effort so far," comments AENAON. "As always, we have been silent but creatively restless, aiming to a timeless creation. Mnemosyne is an album of noir aesthetics and emotional extremity. The title derives from the Greek goddess of remembrance and the river of memory." Foreshadowed as an album of "heavily textured black metal", "Mnemosyne" will offer nine new songs, recorded, mixed and mastered by guitarist/bassist Achilleas C. (Varathron, Katavasia) at Suncord Audiolab in Ioannina, Greece. The painting that adorn

Progressive metal guitarist Leo Romero releases debut EP

  Young mexican guitarist Leo Romero has released his debut instrumental EP, a guitar driven effort with roots onprogressive and extreme metal as well as djent.For fans of Nick Johnston, Animals as Leaders, Alluvial, Sergey Golovin. Tracklist1.- Epigenesis 2.- Prometheus 3.- Gargantua 4.- Apophis 5.- Eros Leo Romero launches his solo project in 2016 combining the instrumental style byguitarists such as Sergey Golovin, Emil Werstler, Wes Hauch among others andmixing it with an aggressive Death, Djent and Progressive metal style, the mainsubject in his music, despite not having lyrics, is based on futuristic themes, astronomyand dystopian futures as well as having an artwork that reflects this in his releases. Leo also filmed a music video for four out of the five tracks of the album. Leo Romero began playing guitar on and off at the young age of 8, but this changed completely at 15/16 years old when he spent countless hours practicing and working on his ch

WITCHMASTER announces new album 'Kaźń'

  Poland's provocative black/thrash outfit WITCHMASTER announces "Kaźń" as the title of its new studio album, set for release on November 25th via Agonia Records. Read on for cover artwork, traclisting and other details. WITCHMASTER ends its seven-year slumber to bring more chaos and clamour through the art of blackaned thrash metal. Since 1996, the band descends deeper and deeper into an absurd theatre of cruelty, pursuing the cold embrace of aural depravity and darkness. "Sipping blood from skulls and gnawing the bones of old gods, we hope to let you down once again," comments the band perversely. WITCHMASTER comprises bassist and vocalist Reyash (Azarath (live), ex-Vader, Supremer Lord), guitarist and vocalist Kali (Five the Hierophant, ex-Profanum), drummer and guitarist Inferno (Azarath, Behemoth) and vocalist Bastis (ex-Profanum). "Kaźń" was recorded at Satanic Audio (Blaze of Perdition, Behemoth) by Harald Grunberg and mixed and mastered at the


  California rock band Thrice have shared their newest single “Open Your Eyes and Dream,” via Epitaph Records. Listen to the track here: “It’s so very easy to believe that big systemic issues can’t change because we’ve lived with them our whole lives. But if you look back and zoom out a bit it’s easy to see that this feeling of permeance and inevitability is just an illusion. Most things seem impossible until they happen. This song is about opening our eyes to that reality, and being willing to dream something better into existence,” shares singer Dustin Kensrue. The new single comes in after the September 2021 release of Horizons/East. The album conveys a palpable sense of danger, determination, and possibility and exemplifies art as a work of recognition — the human task of perceiving oneself amid details, disasters, and blessings as a relentlessly relational phenomenon among others. In this, Horizons/East is the rare rock album on which interrelatednes

Meat Wave share new single '10k', taken from new album, Malign Hex

  Today, Chicago's Meat Wave return with a second taster of their first album in over five years, Malign Hex, ahead of its October 14th release via Big Scary Monsters. This time out, it's the tumultuous '10k' getting an airing: a driving, searing 3.5 minutes of blistering punk rock that could very easily serve as the album's title track - a definitive document of the series of malign hexes struck through the record. Of the track, Meat Wave's Chris Sutter (guitar, vocals) offers: "'10k' is about being alive for 10,000 days, which is around your 28th birthday. Feels like a long time - but is it? You feel like you know so much about life and navigating through it - but do you? Nah, not really. The title of the record directly relates to '10k'. "A malign hex pertains to your lineage. It’s something that is pertinent to only you, it’s handed down to you, or was raised in you. In that way, and pertaining to the record as a whole, I’d like to

A Road To Damascus Release New Single 'Pariah'

  Copenhagen-based A ROAD TO DAMASCUS is one of the most experienced rock acts the Danish rock scene has to offer. After the successful release of their EP ‘No Man is an Island’ (2019), the band is now ready to unveil the first single ‘Pariah’, from their upcoming third full-length album. Watch the official music video right here: “‘Pariah’ is a song about breaking away from family ties and the culture you've grown up with. It centers around the consequences of social exclusion, a fall from grace to a ‘pariah’. Though the choice might be your own, it is never easy to burn bridges that once were strong”, vocalist Mikkel Raavig explains. Since being formed in 2019, A ROAD TO DAMASCUS has released two EP’s, two full-length albums ‘A Road To Damascus’ (2011) and ‘In Retrospect’ (2014), followed by a string of singles in 2021. The band has several nationwide tours under their belt, as well as being playlisted on national and local radio stations and major streaming playlists. Furth

Corners of Sanctuary Buckle Up for a 4X4 Tour in October and New Cover Release

  Corners of Sanctuary (COS), Philly's premier traditional Heavy Metal band, have announced show dates for their upcoming October 4x4 Tour, which is being presented by the Virginia-based group, The Gathering Productions. See schedule below. The run of dates, which is in conjunction with promoting the band's new best of compilation, "Metal Never Dies," has COS performing four shows, in four states, in four days. "We are excited to be back on the road," said COS guitarist Mick Michaels. "It's great to do what we love to do and what a band is designed to do; playing live." Amidst the upcoming tour, and recording a new EP and full-length album, COS is also scheduled to open for TRAPT, on their 20th anniversary tour, this November in Delaware. Following this past summer's acclaimed reception of their unique version of "Bringing on the Heartbreak" from the “Defying” EP, COS' recent mega heavy cover of Def Leppard's classic, &quo

ASCENDIA Release New Single & Video 'Parasite'

  Toronto rockers release the title track of their forthcoming album, PARASITE, with a purpose. As people all over the world have discovered over the last 2 years, mental health is a big concern for everyone. In the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic, depression and anxiety increased by 25%. 1 in 100 deaths globally is a suicide. Jobs lost, loved ones lost to illness, isolation and more have a pronounced effect on our self-worth. TO WRITE LOVE ON HER ARMS have started a YOU ARE NOT A BURDEN campaign to raise awareness and prevent suicide. “Parasite” is a song written to address this tearing down of self-worth – linking the band members to all their fans who might be going through something like this. “Letting them know they are worthy – that they are not a burden – is so important,” explains vocalist Nick Sakal. Guitarist, John Love continues “The time we have all spent in quarantine magnifies feelings like this and we want to point people in the right direction. To Write Love

Matricide Release New Single 'Talking to the Walls'

  The Tel Aviv metallers Matricide have released their new striking single 'Talking to the Walls' on September 9th. This comes after their previous single `Walk into the Flames,' from the band’s much anticipated second full-length album, the follow-up to their highly acclaimed debut 'When Random Turns to Fate'. The new song combines heaviness with otherworldly synth elements to create an immersive industrial-cyber soundscape. The nihilistic lyrics question the existence of God, searching for a sign — but no sign appears, leaving the seeker talking to the walls. Blending groove and Hardcore with Nu metal influences, Matricide continues to experiment with original elements and sounds, taking the listener on a profound yet spiritual journey. In October 2022 the band embark on the week-long Into The Flames UK tour in support of ‘Talking to the Walls’; bringing along alt-metallers Raze for the ride. Into The Flames UK Tour Dates 08.10.22 - Victoria Biker’s Pub - Coalvill

ROOK ROAD present Diversity Rock with New Single "Kinda Glow"

  Fresh to the music scene as they have been formed in early 2020, Rook Road are bringing back some tunes that may have become a little forgotten by some people but certainly the die hard fans won’t ever forget. This is not only for all the lovers of the good old days of blues and classic heavy rock in the vein of Deep Purple, which the band reveres massively: Friends of contemporary rock compositions aren’t missing out either with Rook Road, who therefore label their style diversity rock. Starting out in wild jams, the highly experienced musicians noticed right away that everything simply fits perfectly and feels great – the chemistry as a group just as well as the way even their earliest ideas and song patterns came together. A creative path shaped up quickly – and the band decided to take it. Fast forward to today and Rook Road are ready to release their very first single Kinda Glow, heralding the upcoming self-titled album. The song is all about revolution, standing up for yourself

STARBENDERS Release New Single + Music Video 'Blood Moon'

  Atlanta-based glam punk rockers STARBENDERS have dropped their new single 'Blood Moon' and the accompanying music video via Sumerian Records. You can watch the video here:   Or listen to the song here: Speaking on the single release, the band state: "It’s been feeling like everything is crumbling around us as we seem to be hurtling toward an apocalyptic destiny. At some point, you come to the understanding that things have been this way since recorded history. Now we’ve been down for so long that it’s beginning to look like up. Instead of succumbing to frustration and rage, we decided to become one with the chaos and make some noise. 'Blood Moon' is our catharsis." STARBENDERS released their tracks 'If You Need It' and 'Seven White Horses', as well as their deluxe album Love Potions (Zodiac Deluxe) which has five additional songs captured during the making of their full-length

Manic Street Preachers & Suede announce North American co-headline tour

Two of the UK’s most enduring and influential bands have announced a joint headline tour of North America for November. Suede (known as 'The London Suede' In North America) and Manic Street Preachers both rose to prominence in the early 90s on the back of indisputably brilliant debut albums - 1992’s Generation Terrorists and 1993’s Suede - and electrifying live shows. Over the course of the next several years they would grow from punk rock youthquakers to arena-filing rock stars, earning their positions as national treasures in the pantheon of British music. Their first ever co-headlining tour kicks off in Vancouver, Canada on November 3rd. Beloved by music fans on both sides of the Atlantic, Suede took a hiatus to work on other projects between 2002 and 2013, returning with the acclaimed Bloodsports album, while Manic Street Preachers continued to record together, releasing a string of hit albums, but rarely visiting the USA and Canada. Recognized as two of the most iconic b

Rock Instrumentalist Michael Alan Shares 'Thank You' Video Single

  West Yorkshire's acclaimed guitarist Michael Alan delivers news of his video release for the melodically charged rock guitar ballad 'Thank You'. Taken from his forthcoming and unashamedly instrumental debut album 'Calling' - the track ascends from its classical guitar themed introduction into heavier melodic rock adventures. Soaring anthemic melodies and emotive hook lines, re-occurring motifs and articulately arranged song dynamics all add to the flowing sense of drama and feeling encased in Michael's latest and 'stream only' release. Formerly releasing under the moniker of MK or Mike Kremastoules - the Leeds (UK) born and bred musician frequently draws stylistic comparisons to greats such as Gary Moore, Bill Nelson, Dave Gilmour, Joe Satriani and many more. After paying his dues as the lead guitarist in 80's NWOBHM movement outfits Ded Ringer (Neat Records) and Streetfighter, Michael continued to maintain his presence on the British rock scene

Syteria, formed by Jackie Chambers (Girlschool) to play UK festivals throughout October

  Yorkshire-based band Syteria were formed by Jackie ‘Jax’ Chambers of the legendary Girlschool. Along with Argentinian siblings Julia and Pablo Calvo, completed with Steph Dawson, Syteria began to play the main stages at major UK festivals, gigs around the world and to critical acclaim from music journalists reviewing both studio and live performances. The Syteria sound mixes elements of modern Pop/Punk energies with the more contemporary Rock anthemic choruses, incorporating their 4 part harmonies and using the ancient Solfeggio scale of recording in 432hz instead of the standard 440hz to leave you feeling in tune with the Universe. " Their debut album ‘Rantobot' received a nomination and was shortlisted to the final 5 at the ‘Independent Music Awards' as well as ranking highly in many on line voting polls for best band in various categories. Check out the festivals Systeria are playing below:

Flat Earth Release New Album "High on Lies"

  Flat Earth got off to a very notable start with their debut "None for One", instantly gaining attention around the globe thanks to their well-known members, who have some of the most remarkable achievements in the Finnish music history under their belts. The new transformation of the quartet will see Wille Granö replacing ex-drummer Mika "Gas Lipstick" Karppinen behind the kit. "We are excited to have Wille joining the band, we played one acoustic show with him and things just started rolling so smoothly that we decided to continue from there. Wille is a great guy to play with, totally hassle free and he brings new kind of vitality to the post-corona version of the band, Flat Earth's Niclas Etelävuori, Mikko "Linde" Lindström and Anthony Pikkarainen comment on their new drummer. Wille has known Niclas for years and says that he already sees "Tony" and Linde as his brothers despite the short time they've been together. "When Ni

Swedish Melodic Death Act VITTRA Release New Single 'Satmara' + Album Pre-Sale Start

  Originally called Vildvittra, based on the characters created by Astrid Lindgren as part of Ronja Rövardotter, the band’s name later evolved into Vittra, inspired by the mythical creatures appearing in Swedish folk stories. And while Swedish folk is a recurring theme weaving in and out of their music, the band is firmly rooted in Melodic Death and Thrash Metal in the veins of Dissection, early In Flames, Megadeth, and At The Gates. Founded in 2017 by David Döragrip (vocals) and Johan Murmester (guitar), the lineup was completed in 2018 with Alex Smith (drums) and Gustav Svensson (bass) joining the band. In the studio and on stage Vittra has also been joined by Lars Elofsson on lead guitar since 2021. This was also the year they released their debut EP Wardens, recorded at SolnaSound Production, Sweden, with the support of Simon Johansson (Soilwork, Wolf). Only a few months later, they entered SolnaSound again – this time supported by both Simon and Mike Wead (King Diamond, Mercyful F

Star Circus Unveils Rock Pop Debut Album 'Separate Sides'

  London based rock pop outfit, Star Circus, are set to reveal one of the year's most surprising and pleasing rock albums of 2022. After making big impressions with a series of standout singles and go see live shows, the band have announced the release of their debut album, 'Separate Sides', on the 2nd December and kick off the pre-order campaign with new single, 'Bridges'. Watch the video for 'Bridges' below: Star Circus is the brainchild of Dave Winkler (Bordello Rose, Renegade Playboys, Trophies of Man). After a detour playing guitar and touring as a hired gun for acts such as Bow Wow Wow, Johnny Lima and Ryan Hamilton, in late 2019 the band materialised out of Dave's passion to create an album focused around his own material. It wasn't long before Winkler’s own songs started catching the attention of the music industry, including Total Rock and Radio One Rock Show legendary producer, Tony Wilson. "Dave played me the demos and I was blown awa

The HU drop new album 'Rumble of Thunder' + new release video single ‘Bie Biyelegee’

Hailing from Mongolia, THE HU have combined traditional music and instrumentation performed in their native language using native instrumentation with Western modern rock stylings to create a unique and catchy sound they have labelled as “Hunnu Rock.” The acclaimed rock outfit have today, September 2, unleashed their anticipated second official studio album RUMBLE OF THUNDER via Better Noise Music alongside the music video for the track ‘Bie Biyelegee’. In this lively video, THE HU can be seen dancing in the traditional Mongolian style of “biyelgee.” “‘Bie Biyelgee’ is about having a good time,” share THE HU. “We danced like we never danced before during the video shoot and the movements where we tried to imitate biyelgee were very challenging. The biyelgee movements require a different skill set than you would find in any dance genre so in that way, celebrating these qualities are fascinating and inspiring to us.” Check out the video below: Across its 12 tracks, RUMBLE OF THUNDER co

AENAON Premieres 'Hysteria' Music Video

  Hellenic prog black metal outfit AENAON posts music video & new single titled "Hysteria". The band's upcoming album "Mnemosyne", from which the song is lifted, will see its release on October 7th via Agonia Records. Listen to "Hysteria" and watch the video, at: "Six years have passed since our last album and we are thrilled to finally share our darkest effort so far," comments AENAON. "As always, we have been silent but creatively restless, aiming to a timeless creation. Mnemosyne is an album of noir aesthetics and emotional extremity. The title derives from the Greek goddess of remembrance and the river of memory." Foreshadowed as an album of "heavily textured black metal", "Mnemosyne" will offer nine new songs, recorded, mixed and mastered by guitarist/bassist Achilleas C. (Varathron, Katavasia) at Suncord Audiolab in Ioannina, Greece. The painting that adorns the cover was created by Ben Howe while Ra

FIGURE OF SPEECHLESS release new video single "Tunnel At The End Of The Light"

  Figure Of Speechless are at it again with the new single Tunnel At The End Of The Light, which is also the title track of their upcoming album. The band is the brainchild of guitarist and songwriter Glen McMaster, who started the creative process for the songs back in 2020. In the following year, Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater, Alice Cooper, Billy Idol) joined McMaster and they started tossing ideas around and bringing together their thoughts immediately as a duo, sharing the very same passion for modern prog. Over four months, other high-profile veterans like Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (Guns N’Roses, Sons of Apollo), Ray Alder (Fates Warning, Redemption), Tony Franklin (The Firm, Blue Murder) and Brian Tichy (Whitesnake, Billy Idol, Foreigner, Ozzy Osbourne) came on board. Originally based on a riff written back in 1994, the single Tunnel At The End Of The Light is now finally ready for release. The song is strong with its heavy guitar riffs and mind blowing vocals all flowing together i