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  Bang Bang Firecracker Debuts "Unleash The Devil" Music Video, the much anticipated official music video for the opening track on their latest EP, See Evil. The 7-minute monster track, Unleash The Devil, showcases a darker tonality. Its magnitude commanded an epic video with an intense narrative, reflecting the band's ambitions to continually set the bar higher. Kieron 'K' Berry founded the awesome collaboration for this cinematic production by joining forces with talented videographer Tim Paling and the band's official photographer Jess Boothroyd. Together they deliver a creative concept that is most definitely up another level in production value. Shot last month in the band's home town of Stoke on Trent, the project stars Fantasy Kawaii eGirl Francheska Alexandria Welbourn as the primordial she-demon, Lilith. Cutting between fierce live performances from the band members, the story depicts the occult power struggle between kings of hell and deviant que

Black 7 Release First official Video "Lift Up" from new album 'Look Inside'

  Black 7, the new instrumental metal project from Germany has released its first official video "Lift Up“.  The song "Lift Up" is from the album Look inside which was released on October 8, 2021. Powerful riffs, catchy melodies, orchestral arrangements and a lot of variety can be expected from Black 7 on this album. Influences like Satriani, Dream Theater but also Iron Maiden and Incubus can be found in the music. Black 7 is a project by Lars Totzke, a guitarist from Hanover, Germany. After a break of several years, Lars processed a lot of influences with his first solo album. From hard rock, heavy metal to acoustic and atmospheric parts with voices and unusual instruments. "Melodic Instrumental Heavy Rock - that's the best way to describe the music of Black 7. Rooted in the 80s and 90s of rock and metal, a musical language of its own was developed." Check out the video for "Lift Up": Official Website: All streams: h

As Within, So Without Release New Single "Like The Wind"

  As Within, So Without releases their next single/video "Like The Wind" from their forthcoming album Salvation. Their first single/video release "My Revelation" was well received. Following their dream to write and perform As Within, So Without (AWSW) has built a community, a family where the passion for music and unity under their metalcore sound has only made them better. Their message comes from the heart and their music plays a significant role in their genre. Their listeners know it, the band knows it, and now the universe hears it. AWSW has played all over the NorthEast region with bands like Attila, All That Remains, Secrets, Silent Planet, Escape the Fate, and many more bands. Check out the video for "Like The Wind": "Our new single "Like The Wind" explores the feelings and trauma of one of your parents or parent figures leaving you at a young age. The lyrical content is very personal to some of the members of our band and the m

Exodus 'Persona Non Grata' Guitar Book Now Available for Pre-Order

  SubLevel Records is proud to announce the brand new Exodus “Persona Non Grata Guitar Book,” featuring guitar tab and notation for all 12 killer songs from the new Exodus album! All songs were transcribed note for note from the original recordings by Heathen/Exodus live guitarist Kragen Lum and Ernie Ball's Match the Master award winner Evan Bradley. Learn how to play the songs exactly as the band plays them with these 100% accurate transcriptions! Presented in 2 guitar format so you can learn to play every riff and solo just as Gary Holt and Lee Altus (plus guest solos by Rick Hunolt and Kragen Lum) played them on the album. 262 pages. Print Edition. This Deluxe Print Edition of the book also includes an Exodus Persona Non Grata guitar pick and 2 sided bookmark set plus a Digital Copy of the guitar book in PDF format. The Deluxe Print Edition is only available through SubLevel Records! Songs Included: Persona Non Grata R.E.M.F. Slipping Into Madness Elitist Prescribing Horror T

Pop Punk Band CHIEF STATE Debuts New Standalone Single "Metaphors"

  Vancouver, BC pop-punks Chief State have just released their new single "Metaphors" via Mutant League Records. The standalone single serves to tide fans over until their debut full-length, which is due out in 2022. Nik Pang of Chief State says, “Metaphors is about being in a really dark place, but not knowing how to communicate that to your loved ones. Instead of saying what you mean, and exactly how you feel, it’s easy to gloss over it and be super generic and vague.” This is the first new music from the band since the release of the band's 2020 breakthrough 'Tough Love", which resonated with media and lovers of the genre alike. Check out the lyric video below:

INFRARED Release Video For “No Master, No Gods” Off Latest Album “From the Black Swamp”

  Canadian thrash act Infrared has a new video out for their track “No Master, No Gods”, which comes from their recently released album “From the Black Swamp”. Birthed back in 1986, their music is an experience that brings the listener back in time to the 80s, but with an ever so slight hint of modern metal bolstered by solid, high-quality production. Infrared starts with a riff, from which the rest of the music spawns. The songs may have an energy that conveys a certain feeling which can lead to a lyrical topic or sometimes they just come up with a cool song title and then write lyrics to go with it. They share their thoughts on the energetic and fast “No Master, No Gods”. “With blistering drums and riffs coupled with mid-tempo verses and slow grinding choruses, No Masters, No Gods is about the power of truth. When you have it, you will bow to no one; not to gods, profits, leaders, or even people in your interpersonal life.” Watch “No Master, No Gods” at


  As people across the northern hemisphere brace for winter, Canada’s Exes For Eyes are releasing a new single, the aptly named “The End Of Summer”. This will be the first music released from the band since 2019, and they are eager to get back into the ears of fans. Featuring Björn Strid of Soilwork, the idea behind the single was to question our integrity as a species. “Do we as western humans have the ability to toughen up? Or are we basically just fucked on a biblical scale?” Exes For Eyes continue to explain the track: “It can be heavy, it can be subdued, it has tension and release, and a few good old-fashioned earworms. Having Björn onboard has only solidified that this is a song with something special. When we sent him the pre-production, he instantly knew this was a song that had substance. “Your best work” he called it. It has the ability to uplift you to euphoria, and the bottom will instantly drop out, leaving you wondering what exactly happened and looking for a repeat play.

Napalm Death Dive Into Hammerfest 13

  Still a lot of covid chaos out there across Europe and now we see Lordi as the latest band to reschedule their tour to 2023. A real shame but at least they will be back with HRH at a future event. Napalm Death will now be performing in their hometown of Brum as part of their new tour which also sees Doom and Siberian Meat Grinder joining the HF13 ranks. Hammerfest 13 is rammed with bands with all 3 stages operating all day from when the doors open so make sure you get in early as there will be soo much to see. Get tickets here: