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The Guitar Ninja Academy - Could This be the Future of Guitar Lessons?


A Northampton, UK based guitar teacher has turned their business and its industry on its head throughout this years’ lockdowns. This guitar school has cracked the code for motivating new and old guitar players alike.

Rory, (29) has been a guitar teacher for (15) years but when the first lockdown hit in March he realised he needed to make some big changes. His students were keen to keep playing but he was unable to meet any of them in person. In amongst a web of phone calls, e-mails and Zoom lessons, an idea sprung into his mind. What if there was a way to make guitar lessons a game. Not like Guitar Hero, but in a way that actually allowed the students to understand the music and the instrument itself.

As someone who knows what it’s like to learn guitar, Rory found that the biggest problem guitar players find when it comes to practicing is motivation. It’s often way more tempting to watch TV or to play a game, especially when you’re new to an instrument. What’s the motivation? To be able to absolutely shred. But what if the lessons itself could be the motivation instead of just the end goal?

Rory developed The Guitar Ninja Academy to attempt just that. His bright idea to include a customisable avatar, backgrounds, amps, guitars and more gave players something to work towards with each lesson. Unlocking new and interesting items as they progress by earning coins and growing their in-game fanbase. Much like in the real world, if you’re not playing and creating music regularly, you’ll lose fans. On top of this, players can add friends and compete on their very own leaderboards to see who’s achieved the most.

The Guitar Ninja Academy is currently running a 7-day Free Trial that can be claimed on their website here: (I have a free trial so I will be doing a review of my experience soon so look out for that!)

Could this be the future of guitar lessons? There’s only one way to find

Check out the video below to find out more about The Guitar Ninja Academy:



  1. This is such an awesome post about The Guitar Ninja Academy. Thank you for the share!

    1. No problem Rory! Look forward to trying this out myself! Thanks!


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