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Goodbye Goni Release New Video For 'Stonebreaker'


GOODBYE GONI, otherwise understood as “goodbye genesis” dives us in intimate confrontations through a feverish and powerful sound.

After having worked on several projects together, it is the love of rock that brought those three childhood friends together to create Goodbye Goni during an Irish tour back in 2018. The band is composed of Marc Chaillet writing the lyrics and at the guitar, Enzo Derlon on bass and piano, and Felix Bourgeois at the drums.

The album Cosmogony came out of the encounter of two completely different universes: the young and promising sound engineer Perceval Carré (Polo & Pan, l’Impératrice) and music industry’s monument Kenneth Ploquin (Alain Bashung, -M-).

It’s between the buzzing Parisian studios - with Antonin Boisadan (Alice et moi) - and the waves of Saint-Jean de Luz - in the mythical QuikSilver studio - that this first album is conceived. 10 titles will be composed and 8 selected allowing us to navigate between dreamy ballads, gripping guitar riffs and psychedelic trans.

To accompany the album, they worked on the video for the song 'Stonebreaker' with graphic designer Cyril Dosnon (Philharmonie de Paris) and the support of AM art Film, contemporary art short films producers.

This visual trip, shot in the walls of art center Maison Rouge, showcases a poetic dance between two lovers, whose naked bodies are covered in fluorescent calligraphy. Thus, making the lyrics appear through body paint.

Stonebreaker which premiered on 15.01 on Longueur d’Ondes also features on the album. Cosmogony was launched on 9.03 at Paris’ Supersonic, followed by a gig in Nantes’ Java on 13.03 for the F4ST Label night.

Check out the powerful and beautifully intriguing video for 'Stonebreaker' below:

The song itself is striking, haunting and unusual, unveiling their unique rock sound.

For more on Goodbye Goni:


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