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Final Mammothfest Brighton Announcement!

So earlier this week, Brighton based metal festival, Mammothfest announced their final full line-up. See the mighty poster above! It includes a special exclusive reunion show from metalcore thrashers, Here There Be Monsters who

Join the stampede to get to Brighton for Mammothfest which takes place 30 September - 2 May 2016!

Here is the complete festival line up and venue details:

THE HAUNT £20.00
Textures | Heart Of A Coward | Krysthla | The Five Hundred

EASTERN FRONT | Necro Ritual | The Infernal Sea | Premature Birth | Vehement

CONCORDE 2 £25.00
Venom Inc | Entrails | Liquid Graveyard | One Machine - official | Sworn Amongst | DIVINE CHAOS | King Leviathan | HeLL PuPPeTs | MORTISHEAD

Conan | Black Moth | Serpent Venom | Bast | Opium Lord | Conjurer | King Goat | BongCauldron | PIST | Garganjua | Boss Keloid | MOWER

Here There Be Monsters | Magna Carta | The Heretic Order | Basement Torture Killings | Chaos Trigger | Bleed Again | Hostile | ASCARIS | Xerosun | Kinasis | Killer Hurts | Derelict Dream | Vrona | BloodYard

To buy tickets and for more info:


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