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Letters Sent Home Release New Song/Video feat. Being As An Ocean singer Joel Quartuccio


Driving, energetic and with a catchy pop-appeal starts “Misery Loves Company”. In contrast to the dark pop side of Letters Sent Home’s previous single “Blue Lights”, the band from Hannover/Wolfsburg, Germany now inspires with blends of heavy post-hardcore. This newfound heaviness underlines the significance of the song’s deep topic, which narrates of loving a person too much and projecting their problems on yourself. A situation that always leads to misery.

“Wanna break free, but misery loves company.”

It’s the R&B vocals, as well as the shouts of Joel Quartuccio, that make this song so unique and fusion it into a contrast-loaded, yet dynamic interplay filled with emotions. Choosing Quartuccio as a guest is no coincidence at all. The passion and emotion deep in his voice always touched every single member of Letters Sent Home. “We wanted to highlight the emotional aspect with power and furthermore wanted to integrate shouts”, as singer Emily explains. In fact, Being As An Ocean is a band that unites the musical taste of each bandmember – “a band that managed that all four of us can identify with.”

This reflects within the songwriting of Letters Sent Home, which also builds on melancholy and the ethereal aspect of decent dream pop elements. But the most important factor, which is the emotional depth, to be found in both band’s music. Furthermore, it was incredibly important to speak with Joel about the emotions, the inspiration and the lyrical content of “Misery Loves Company”, as Emily states.

“We felt that he’s in with heart and soul, and also had lots of fun working on this project. His sympathetic and courteous behaviour underlined the passion he put into it.

This might be another reason why his vocals harmonize so well with the sound of Letters Sent Home and is also reflected in an explosive interplay within the music video. Simon Friedl visualized the song into a narrative music video that comes with a common Netflix aesthetic and quality that also picks up the musical vision perfectly.

"I keep on running and running in my dreams to escape what I feel, ‘cause I know this ain’t real.”
In the end, "Misery Loves Company” is the beginning of a new era that leads Letters Sent Home into heavier spheres. The beginning of something big, whilst the blossom of Letters Sent Home is slowly unfolding itself – revealing her beauty more than ever.

Check out the video for "Misery Loves Company" below:

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