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Hammerfest 14 is back in Great Yarmouth with Grave Digger, Primordial, Candlemass, Holocaust & Acid Reign for its 14th Round


You asked, we provided. Hammerfest XIV is ready to rip its way through Great Yarmouth for its 14th run of some of the best Doom, Metal and Hardcore artists who are masters of their musical craft. By absolute fan demand, we are delighted to announce a return to the Whale Road where we take Hammerfest back to the heart of the "Angles" tribes and heartland (aka Camp HRH Great Yarmouth), where we create a sword storm and smash our shield walls together for a total metal mash-up of genres with more curveballs and surprises than anything else we do in the metal world!

Hammerfest XIV is a must, as the last nine years have seen it sell out before the end of the current event, 9 months in advance! It's a metal maelstrom, it's the most popular and fastest-selling metal event we do. Even more, it's what everyone has asked us to do, during that Covid Blip. You don't wanna miss this will be the biggest and craziest yet!

Hammerfest XIV goes to another level as we introduce everyone to the revamped Camp HRH which will be held back at the Vauxhall 5-Star Holiday Resort in Great Yarmouth East Anglia. Camp HRH 2022 will feature more facilities and amenities as well as an extended experience, which will even put a new meaning to our traditional Hammerfest shenanigans. We all know the craic, it's just about getting in it to do it properly.

Camp HRH is ready for action! This year will be no different from 2019's launch, so we will be doing exactly the same again with Hammerfest, launching the 14th Chapter of pure metal debauchery. After Covid, XIV will have a heavy International feel to the line-up, plus the very best stage 2 acts around that will cross into the Doom, Pirate, Stoner, Punk spheres of fun.

Early Bird Packages are on sale NOW with deals and Full Price discounts all reactivated!

There will be 3 packages available for the 14th gathering. All packages will feature three nights of accommodation & three nights & days of monstrous metal bands.

Royalty provides the best Lodges and Vans, rider, raised seating in the main arena and 20% of all Hammerfest event Merch & 10% off all food and drinks on-site plus entry to Private unplugged sessions and after-parties.

VIP will be premium vans, raised seating in the main arena, 20% off all Hammerfest event merch, 10% of all food and drink on-site plus entry into secret unplugged sessions and after-parties.

Classic packages, high-value apartments and vans for 3 nights plus entrance to all 3 days & nights of pure metal mania.


There is a reason I say this as with all the Covid restrictions, all our international customers from all our HRH & HF events who couldn’t get in have rolled to 2022. 32% of the site has already been sold even before we go on sale, we are telling you this so you get what you are used to. They are there for you, our most loyal followers, to make the most of these infamous weekends at the very best prices possible.

As usual, you will have a private link & promo code, which highlights all rates; they truly are ludicrous, but we want to share the HF Love and take care of the people who have put us on the planet from the start and made us what we are today. Plus it's back in Great Yarmouth and what you all wanted, so get aboard!

Get organising, the bigger the group - the cheaper the deal! And remember that all the prices on the link are early bird rates...but you will have a further 10% off of all those silly rates, 15% if you pay in full at the time of booking.

For a simple deposit, you can secure a place at one of the darkest and most ambitious productions to date, use the link or call Holly on 0207 193 1845 or Jess on 0207 193 1164

As usual, get in quick because you know Royalty and VIP always go extremely quickly (Royalty in 30 mins in 2019, VIP within 48 hours) and that’s without the stuff we have rolled already. We have a long list of people waiting to book, but as per the norm.

For tickets and more information visit:


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