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Alternative rock band Ptolemea release a new single/video "Wrong Tears"


The alternative rock band PTOLEMEA from Luxembourg kicks off 2022 with the release of their new song and video, “Wrong Tears”. Like a shaman on the path of awakening, Priscila Da Costa, singer and founder of the project, creates her future by focusing on the “here and now” and invites you to join her.

“Wrong Tears” illustrates the celebration of the natural elements and is a moment of inner observation. After “MAD” being released in December 2021, this new single confirms the expansion of PTOLEMEA in terms of authenticity and originality, not only the visuals but the soundscape keeps growing as well. As Priscila explains: “Thanks to PTOLEMEA and with this track, I keep on finding solutions to materialize my feelings and my inner battles. Learning and sharing, expressing myself and creating under the sway of the moon... Deep down I feel that the project is moving towards beautiful opportunities and PTOLEMEA is definitely ready for a journey to the stars!”. From an artistic perspective, “Wrong Tears” announces a transition, offering a powerful and dynamic sound, and suggesting a first album with a distinctive and forceful character. The album will come out in early 2023 and singles will be released from April 2022.

Mother Earth watches over PTOLEMEA, as over all living things, and with the release of “Wrong Tears”, on January 28, 2022, its author confirms the motivations of her artistic project of a new genre, where nature and synchronicity have their own place: keep moving forward on the path of life and let the music evolve, while bringing more body to the heart of the sound of PTOLEMEA.

To watch the video:

In a reassuringly obscure style, the video shows Priscila writing a letter to the universe in order to get rid of old patterns and manifest new ones. A new beginning, a new skin.

“Wrong Tears” was recorded by Yves Deville Ditsch at Gam Studios in Belgium, mixed and mastered by award-winning sound engineer Alan Douches at West Side Music Studio in New York, USA and written by Priscila Da Costa. The music video was shot at a place full of history in Luxembourg, the Bourscheid forest, and was filmed by Eric Dalele, photographer and videographer from Reunion Island.

The single can be found on Spotify:

About Ptolemea

With PTOLEMEA, singer and musician Priscila Da Costa walks on the thread of her destiny, accompanied by her musicians Remo Cavallini (guitarist), Yves Oek (bassist), Chris Reitz (e-violinist) and Martin Schommer (drummer). PTOLEMEA takes us on an acoustic and spiritual adventure, and rises along its musical creations with an alternative rock / grunge style. This sound is unique and Priscila sees it like a glimpse of the Universe.

The name PTOLEMEA is not insignificant. It is inspired by the astronomer and astrologer Claudius Ptolemeus who studied “the harmony – or the music of the spheres”. This theory is based on the idea that the universe is governed by harmonious numerical relationships, (...) the distances between planets corresponding to musical intervals. For the singer, the expansion of the universe is connected to the expansion of all living souls. She chose this name in a desire to share the key steps of her musical and spiritual journey which defines her identity as a woman artist. Also, nature is sacred and is an integral part of her approach.

The magic of this project lies in the fact that its captivating music emerges from the connection that the artist on the rise experiences with the cosmos. With her band, Priscila harvests an innovative sound signature that allows her to create what resonates deep within her soul. The energy of this sound and her voice touches both the public and the professionals and it is on stage where PTOLEMEA really reveals itself!








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