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I Am Pariah Release Single 'Suck It Up' Taken From Upcoming EP 'Charm Before The Storm'

Rising British nu-metalcore band I Am Pariah will release their new EP ‘Charm Before The Storm’ 27th November 2020. Laser tight and razor sharp, the Stoke On Trent metal experimentalists take things to the next level with this cathartic sonic experience following the release of 2018's successful 'Procreate//Annihilate' ep.

Watch 'Suck It Up' (official lyric video):


"The new single 'Suck It Up' targets the topic of chaotic relationships, which comes from our own personal experiences of being wronged. People aren’t always what they seem, you think you know them, but it can be all smoke and mirrors.

Life can be going so well, then out of nowhere a certain turn of events can completely turn your life upside down. To ‘suck it up’ is probably the worst piece of advice you can ever give to a person in crisis. In past times, that would have been the norm for humans to appear to be ok and hide their weakness. Nowadays you have a choice - you either accept what’s happened, open up and develop yourself with the support of others around you, or you can follow the tried and tested method of closing off from people, and go down the rabbit hole alone and suffer. The song talks about people may be fighting a war within their own heads between emotion and logic, we can be blinded by love, and even the likes of our closest friends cannot tell us otherwise. There is always that ‘Honeymoon’ period, but it can be merely an illusion that fades in time, usually following the storm." - I Am Pariah.

As seen live with Phoxjaw and Light The Torch (Howard Jones - Ex Killswitch Engage) on their first ever UK Tour; ‘Charm Before The Storm’ was safely tracked by I Am Pariah in their own studio environment, and mixed and mastered at Lower Lane Studios by Sam Bloor during the lockdown of 2020.

Short, sweet and with a side offering of reflection and questioning; the three songs making up this new EP offer I Am Pariah’s unique take on nu-metal tinged with elements of fresh melodic metalcore; accelerated, upbeat, but never downplaying the seriousness of what lies within the songwriting and lyrics.

Written prior to current world events, like many other bands I Am Pariah were forced to make alternative arrangements for the production of 'Charm Before The Storm' as Covid-19 changed everything. For vocalist and lyricist, Benjamin Antony James, his experience of the pandemic as a NHS mental health nurse gave him an alternative perspective as to how he and the band would see the band's new music eventually realised.

“When lockdown hit, our EP plans ceased, and we were isolated away from each other. Initially nothing happened, it felt like everything we’d been working towards was gone. But little did I know, some of the lyrics written for the EP would do more for me than ever intended”, explains Ben. “I’m a Community Mental Health Nurse for the NHS, and so my focus needed to shift, fast. We were unable to supply around 90% of the help we would usually give to people. We had to adapt to work from home on intermittent shift patterns. Some days I could feel my muscles wasting away in my legs, the next day I was out and about in what felt like the ghost county of Staffordshire. I was only completing the most important of tasks for patients to try and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Every Thursday I would lay in bed resting either annihilated from a shift, or the isolation of homeworking and existing behind a laptop. It was at these times where I either felt drained or inspired when it came to concluding what would be the lyrics to these songs you find on the new ep. The lyrics are now somehow more relevant because of what we’ve all been going through. Finishing the EP got me through that few months to care for my patients, as it allowed me to relate back to a time where on a friday night I could get in the studio, do some crazy rehearsals and blow off some steam. Music is a gift, being a musician and a creative is an incredible thing. I hope that never gets taken away from any of us.”

"This EP was written as an analysis of different aspects of current society", the band concludes. "It's about looking further into our lives and realising that things can change at the drop of a hat, for better or worse."

With hearts and minds at the forefront of everything they do; 2020 sees I Am Pariah's new EP released, plus they have teamed up with Unearthed Music for gig bookings, and a soon to be announced new lineup all ready for 2021 and beyond!

I Am Pariah's new EP 'Charm Before The Storm' is released 27th November 2020.

Pre-order it here:
Pre-save 'Suck It Up':



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