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Break Me Down Release 'See Me Fall' Video


Break Me Down proudly present its first single with the new line-up. A radical change of genre that primarily emphasizes the versatility of the musicians and, above all, the singing skills of the singer Veronica Driven, ladies and gentlemen: SEE ME FALL.

Laerte, founder and guitarist of the band, explains the concept behind the new single: “We were inspired by the villains in fairy tales. We wanted to give them a voice and tell their story, their feelings. Because in real life, when we are wronged, each of us can become bad and feel the desire to do evil, to take revenge. It is not true that we are only good or only bad. It depends on the situations we live in and which we are forced to face. With this song our bad side wins. The song tells about Stefano's betrayal of Maleficent who, feeling hurt, becomes evil to get her revenge and in the end she gets it! With this new work we wanted to change direction, and we pushed ourselves towards harder sounds that could help us to better express the issues we faced ".

Veronica, regarding the video, adds: “During the filming of the video, inspired by Stefano's betrayal of Maleficent, there were some funny episodes: in particular several scenes required that the actress in the role of Maleficent at some point blinded by anger, spat in the direction of the actor who impersonated Stefano. The girl, a busker - street artist - who sings the songs of Disney's princesses to the children, was in total embarrassment because this gesture was the most distant from her and she didn't know how to do it. The scene was redone about a dozen times because it was a constant laugh... ah! Don’t be scared, we know that the virus is still around, between the two protagonists there was a Plexiglas wall and no actor was bullied during the shooting".

The story in the music video has a never-seen-before characteristic. There will be a double ending to the events: the ultimate destiny of the protagonists is in the hands of the viewer, who is in charge of deciding the outcome of the story!

The only piece of advice we can give you is simply to behave just like with Marvel movies… do not run away when the credits are rolling!!!

Break Me Down is an Alternative Metal band founded in Milan in 2017. Their lives concentrate all the energy and energy from which their songs are born in a single and powerful emotion. In January 2018, with Faith Blurry on vocals, they released their first EP entitled "Resilience" containing three unreleased songs. Among the numerous dates made around the peninsula, we remember the openings to international artists such as Crazy Town, Joe Stump's Tower of Babel, Vinnie Moore, and Lacuna Coil. In February 2019 Faith leaves the band to follow her musical journey. In March 2019 the new singer Irene Franco joins Break Me Down. In October of the same year, the band released their first album "The Pond" preceded by the two singles "Your Game" and "The Noose"! In February 2020, by mutual agreement with the other members of the band, Irene leaves the Break Me Down for personal reasons. The boys decide to call Veronica Driven, a longtime friend with a great desire to work and emerge. A very talented singer with peculiar dark-toned vocal dynamics tending to blues that gives the project that particularity that the band was looking for. After a period of forced interruption of the lives due to Covid19, the group returns to the stage in July 2021 with a sold-out evening at the Legend Club Milano which inaugurates the new concert season.

The current line-up features Veronica Driven on vocals, Laerte Ungaro on guitar, Tommy Manza on bass, and Fabio Benedan on drums.

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